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If he is on board with adoption and would like to be a part of the decisions please let us know. If you are not married to the father his signature is not required for placement, but we will try to locate him for you, from information you provide, if you desire.

There is no cost to birth parents. Adoptive families can help with pregnancy related expenses if needed.
All of our families have been through state and federal background checks, home visits and can not conceive children on their own.
With an adoption plan, there is no foster and CPS is not involved.
If you are making this decision for what’s in the long term best interest of the baby, then this is not a selfish decision. This decision needs to be based on what you can provide for the child. In the end, it is your responsibility — everyone else has good intentions, but their lives will come first.
No. We can make a plan any time or day — just call us at 1-888-281-8948.
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