Wayne & Julia

Dear Birth Parents,

What a wonderful blessing you have chosen to bestow. Although difficult and challenging for you now, your remarkable decision to follow this path of adoption brings the promise of extraordinary joy, devotion, and fulfillment. We truly appreciate the courage and love that you are demonstrating as you consider these waiting families and decide who will love and rear your child. We are Wayne and Julia, and with this letter, we offer you this brief glimpse into our family.

A Little About Us:
We met each other through a mutual friend several years ago, and despite the physical separation of several states, we fell in love. After enduring a long distance relationship for a time, Wayne finally relocated to California. We married later and have been happily married for 2 years. We deeply desire to bring a child or children into our loving family. Because Julia is unable to carry a pregnancy, we realize that adoption is the path that God has chosen for us to have a family.

As a former Lt. Commander in the Navy, Wayne spent time in the service of our country. During his military service, he had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the world. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and has completed work toward his Master’s degree. Currently, Wayne is working as a claims auditor for a large health care provider, and he enjoys golf and wood working in his leisure time. A gifted guitarist, Wayne is already strumming some lullabies in anticipation of the precious new arrival.

Julia is an experienced equestrian with years of showing and training horses. Having begun riding and showing horses as a child herself, Julia looks forward to sharing this special time and talent with her little one. Julia has also devoted several years to animal rescue and rehabilitation. Julia attended UCLA before entering the workplace full time. Finding her gift in beading, Julia now works from her home creating beautiful, custom jewelry pieces, which allows her the ability to be a full-time, stay-at-home mother.

We are an active family, and we look forward to being able to share our lives with our child/children. We attend a local Calvary Chapel church and are actively involved in the couples’ ministry, men’s ministry, women’s ministry and veteran’s ministry. We enjoy riding our horses and working with our other animals, spending quality time with family and friends, and camping in our RV.

Our Family:
We are blessed with a large, very close-knit, extended family, both locally and across the country. We all enjoy spending time together, not just at holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, but also at various outings, such as concerts, dinners, and sporting events. Our entire family and our friends are thrilled with our decision to adopt. They are looking forward to loving and welcoming a new member of our family. In fact, they have already begun retrieving family heirlooms and treasures for the baby.

Our Home:
We own a comfortable ranch style home, situated on one acre in Southern California with immediate access to riding trails throughout the surrounding area. Separately fenced in the rear of our property, we have a large barn, an arena and paddocks for our collection of barn animals/pets, which include two horses, two goats, an emu and some chickens. We happily share our home with a couple of dogs, a cat and two birds. We are fortunate to live in a family-oriented neighborhood where neighbors look out for one another. Our neighbors have become dear friends. Our next-door neighbor is the pastor who officiated at our wedding.

We are eager to provide the loving and warm home and family environment in which a child can thrive. Our prayers are with you as you seek a loving family and home for your child.


Wayne and Julia

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