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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

If you are reading this today, we want you to know that you have been prayed for often! Our names are Tyson and Kari and we are happy to tell you a little about us and our lives.

Tyson and I first met in 2004 when we attended the same church youth group. We first became friends and later we found love. We were married in 2006. We have now been married for over 11 years and together we have grown in love and have built a rock solid partnership and friendship! Our Faith is the foundation of our marriage and our home and our love and respect for each other is the glue that holds us together. As a couple, we are 100% committed to each other. We believe God brought us together and will keep us together every step of the way!

As a young and newly married couple we looked forward with anticipation to one day starting a family and becoming parents! When we were faced with the reality of unexplained infertility, a new dream and anticipation began to take root and bud in our hearts. We began to dream and pursue the miracle of starting our family together through adoption. We never thought of adoption as “Plan B” rather, we just imagined that our path to parenthood took a slight detour, and it left us in amazement that we could be so blessed and be chosen for this special journey!

With joyful hearts we were matched in 2012 with a special young Mother and she blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with the birth of our son! Gratitude overflows in our hearts each and every day for her trust and confidence in us and for allowing us the privilege and honor of parenting and loving her beautiful son. What a gift! For over 5 years now, we have experienced the joy and challenges of parenting together and both of us have a deep desire and a longing for our family to continue to grow.

Tyson is a gentle, kind, patient and loving husband. He has never lost his temper with me or even raised his voice at me. If we have disagreements he faces them quietly and with patience. Tyson does many selfless acts of service to help our home to run smoothly. As a Father he loves to spend quality time with his son, often taking him with him on his tractor, playing ball, putting Legos together with him and playing games. He is a hard worker and a good and faithful provider.

Kari is a loving wife and has given herself to making our life and our home happy and complete. She loves to cook and bake and we often have delicious home cooked meals and goodies. Kari finds much joy and fulfillment in being a Mother! She has a huge heart that is wide open to loving children. She gives herself 100% to being the best Mom that she can be!

Together our goal is to give our children a secure and happy home and childhood. We will always strive to take the time to communicate with our children and develop a healthy, trusting relationship with them so that they don’t ever have to feel like they must face their struggles alone with no one to understand them or what they are going through. We want to continue to spend quality family time together, here in our home and on family vacations. We want our children to always feel our deep love and thankfulness for them!

Each of us along with our extended families is looking forward to showering another baby (and a long awaited brother or sister) with love and hugs and kisses. We do not feel like our family is complete and we have our hearts and arms wide open to welcome your child!

We want to thank you for taking the time to learn a little about whom we are. We pray that God will bless your life and give you strength and comfort you as you go forward!

Our Love,

Tyson and Kari

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