Tracy & Scott

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for opening our profile.  We know that you may be struggling with a difficult decision, and we plan to honor and respect that throughout this process. We want this introductory letter to give you a brief but genuine idea of who we are, why we are excited to adopt, and our commitment as parents.

About Us

We are Scott and Tracy from Northern California. We’ve been together for four years and married for two. We originally met when we were 18 years old as friends in college. Luckily our paths crossed again in our 30s and we quickly fell in love. We can’t imagine our lives without each other and are both so grateful for second chances!!

We are enjoying raising our son, who is 10. We share custody (50/50) with his mom and step-dad and are thankful for a great co-parenting relationship between us. We have one sweet rescue dog, Zoey, who is approximately five years old, trained, and great with kids. She loves to cuddle and sleeps at the foot of our son’s bed every night. Both of our extended families also live in Northern California and we often get to enjoy family get-togethers. Our entire family is very excited about us moving forward with adoption and our son can’t wait to be a big brother!

Why We Want to Adopt

Tracy has wanted children for many years and truly enjoys being a step-mom, and Scott has looked forward to having more children since first becoming a father. After trying to conceive on our own, we happily decided to add to our family through adoption and share our lives with another child.

We want to adopt because we love being parents – no matter how that role originates – and we want to enjoy raising and loving a child together. We look forward to the journey and joys of parenthood, loving and encouraging our children, and embracing the special way our family will be expanding.

Our Lives: The Day-to-Day

In general, we have a pretty structured life and plan to maintain a schedule to ensure our children will have a stable environment. During the week our lives are filled with work and school, homework, sports practices, family dinners, dog walks, and yes, some TV time!

On the weekends, we like to stay really active. You’ll find us at kid’s sports games, running and yoga (Tracy), biking and golf (Scott), snow skiing, hitting the lake or pool, and entertaining and BBQing with family and friends. Family favorite weekend getaways include Tahoe or San Francisco (Go Giants!). Most importantly, we make time to bond and connect as a family.

Our Faith

We are both Christians and were raised going to church. While we do not attend church services every week, we do have a faith in God and believe in raising our children with an understanding of the bible and an open and ongoing discussion about belief, faith, morality, and spirituality.

Home Base

We live in a lovely two-story home at the end of a cul-de-sac surrounded by tall shady trees. Our home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, so each child has their own room. We have a large, private back yard that is fully fenced with grass, trees, patio, play structure, and BBQ area. Out in front, the neighborhood kids like to play basketball, ride their bikes and scooters, and play hide and seek. Our neighborhood is a beautiful, family-focused residential area with wonderful schools (the elementary is just down the street). The area includes lots of walking/biking trails and parks and is near a lake with boating and great beaches. We love being able to walk up to the lake during the summer to jump in and picnic on the beach.

As Parents

We believe that raising a loving child is the greatest joy, responsibility and commitment a parent can have. From the moment a child is welcomed into our family, we will do everything within our power to provide them with a safe and loving home and family. As parents, we raise our children with love, respect, fun, discipline, education, adventure, kindness, responsibility, and faith. We will be there to help our child navigate all of the experiences they will encounter as they grow up – including the special circumstances of their birth and birth family.

Family Fun

Of course, having fun is a big part of being a parent. Some regular things we enjoy doing are:

  • Playing, playing, playing – from kiddo theme parties to crafts to organized sports. Tracy’s Pinterest board is full of fun ideas!
  • Camping – not glamping. Real camping in the mountains, with tents and fishing poles and pine trees and campfires and too many s’mores.
  • Walks from home to the local frozen yogurt shop (for good grades or good citizenship).
  • Learning to drive the tractor with Grandpa and helping out with the yearly firewood collection.
  • Movie nights with a fort of pillows and blankets, and popcorn and red vines.
  • Library visits for story time and getting new books.
  • Visiting the local Zoo (we go early in morning to watch feeding time).
  • Swimming and playing at the community pool. Cold slushies and kids water obstacle courses.
  • And of course the “big” trips to Disneyland, the beach, national parks, the family cabin, etc.

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We know that all of us want to give our children the best opportunities possible to thrive and to grow up as part of a loving and stable family. We hope that you have as much love and support as possible while you decide what is best for you and the little one on the way.  To learn more about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 888-281-8948.


Tracy and Scott