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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

We can’t possibly understand what it feels like as you embark on this emotional journey to find a forever home for your child. Your courage, strength and selflessness are admirable. It is your courage through this decision that gives hope to couples like ourselves.

After we came to the realization that the odds were against us for natural pregnancy, we took some time to explore other options and turned to our faith for the answer. Adoption is our answer. Becoming parents through adoption would add something to our lives that we believe can’t be found elsewhere. We’re ready to add a new chapter to our story. We want to give a child the life that we both had growing up. Simply put, we have so much love to give.

We’ve been together for seventeen years and married for thirteen. We both have full time careers and Jenna has the luxury of being able to work from home. Our weekends are spent doing the things we enjoy most which includes watching movies and sports (Tom is a huge football fan), cooking (Jenna does the cooking & Tom does the cleaning), and spending time watching our niece & nephew play sports. Auntie & Uncle Tom are always in the stands, rain or shine!

One of the things that we share is our love for travel. Whether it be a road trip for a long weekend or something more extravagant, we love to take time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We spent our honeymoon in Italy and it’s on our list (our LONG list!) of places we can’t wait to see…again! When we think of the trips we could take with the child that blesses our lives, it makes our hearts so happy. New adventures await!

As much as we love an adventure, there really is no place in the world like home. Our home is a place of comfort, acceptance, unconditional love and a lot of laughter. It’s a place that says who we are and what is most important to us. It’s our retreat. We own a home in a quiet and safe suburban community in Northern California. We are blessed to have Jenna’s immediate family in the same city. Between Jenna’s parents, two sisters, brothers-in-law, niece & two nephews, we have the best support system. Tom’s family is a short airplane trip away, in the Pacific Northwest, where we also have two nieces and a nephew. We get there as often as we can as it’s our home away from home. Our family life is most important to us and they are all thrilled about the possibility of welcoming a child into our lives through adoption. What a blessing.

Our wish for you is that you’ll find comfort and peace as you make this difficult choice. We sincerely thank you for taking a peek into our lives as you consider us to be your child’s forever home. We are grateful & honored.

Wishing you the best,

Tom & Jenna

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