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Hello friend,

We’d like to thank you for choosing to find a good, loving home for your child. Your brave decision will create a family and fulfill a dream and there is such honor in that choice. As you consider us, we pray that you have peace in knowing that your child will be kept safe, raised to love others with grace and compassion, and encouraged to be all God created him/her to be; a person you will be proud of and who will be so very, very loved.

God has woven our stories in such a way that we believe we were meant to adopt. Tim and his brother were adopted, Tara’s aunt and two cousins, and many friends in our lives were adopted. Tim was honest very early on while we were dating that he was unable to have children due to infertility. All of this has instilled in us an appreciation for creating a loving home through adoption for a child who deserves that opportunity as well. Also, we feel that we have so much love and fun between the two of us that it would be a shame not to share that with another little person!  To learn more about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 888-281-8948.

Tim and Tara

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