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Terry & Kendall

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A Letter To You...

To one courageous mama,

First, we want to thank you for taking the time to consider us as the adoptive parents for your child.  We know it is no small decision and we truly appreciate the strength and courage you are showing through this process.  We are honored that you are reading our story, and hope that you find we are the right family to adopt your child.

Let’s begin with who we are. We are a young, fun, and loving couple. We are thrilled to grow our family through adoption.  We are surrounded by incredibly supportive, warm, loving family and friends who are excited to meet the child we get to adopt.  We both attended the same high school, and through our college years we kept in touch.  It wasn’t until later, that we realized there was something special between us. After dating and living together for nearly four years, Terry proposed.  We got married on a warm November evening with our closest friends and family by our side. Our marriage is full of laughter, loyalty, and strength.

After many years of trials and tribulations, we had our son, Owen in September 2018. He is such a blessing to us and we cannot wait for him to have a brother or sister! It’s been so much fun being parents and we are excited for Owen to be a big brother. Owen has a very sweet and loving disposition. He’s got a great sense of humor and just loves his dog and cat. He is mesmerized by other children and enjoys spending time with neighborhood friends and his cousins at the park.

As a family of three, we love spending time together, doing just about anything. We are almost always with our family and friends on the weekend.  We enjoy going to local town events, farmers markets, exploring the towns around us and taking our dog, Sam to the park.  When we travel, we love to visit the Tahoe/Reno area.  We also travel to Southern California to see our parents and explore more of our state.

I’m April 2019, we moved into our current home with plans to grow our family. We have a nursery already set up for our future blessing. Our neighborhood is filled with families. We have monthly neighborhood block parties, lakes with walking paths, several playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, and a great sense of community.  We have a spacious backyard where Sam loves to play fetch and sun bathe. We also have a cat, Romo, who is named after Kendall’s favorite baseball pitcher. Romo enjoys cuddling and exploring the yard too. We both grew up with pets, and have compassion and empathy for our boys.

Terry works for a local construction company. He has worked there for 13 years where he has grown from a high school kid loading trucks to now being the President of the company. When he is not working or with his family, he is at the local high school where he is a varsity football coach.  He spends his afternoons out on the field, in the locker room, and around town with his high school players. Terry is extremely motivating, on and off the field with his players.  Terry has helped to establish a strong football program for the young men in town.   He enjoys teaching them life lessons, helping them with homework, and how to become respectable and admirable young men.

Kendall was a teacher at a preschool for the past five years, before having Owen.  She loved spending her day with her classroom full of 16 two year olds. Kendall graduated with her bachelor’s degree in family studies, while interning at the Sacramento crisis nursery and many other nonprofit organizations.  She has always enjoyed working with children and helping anyone she comes in contact with. Now, her dream has come true and is able to stay home with Owen. Kendall couldn’t be happier being able to spend her days with Owen going to the neighborhood parks, library, Gymboree classes, and all the fun and educational activities our town has to offer!

We both came from large families.  Terry is one of five, with many nieces and nephews.  Kendall has two brothers and several cousins she grew up with. On Terry’s side, it has been seven years since a new bundle of joy entered the family. We have six nieces and nephews that are already talking about playing with the baby, when he or she is here. On Kendall’s side, neither one of her brothers have children.  Her parents are thrilled to be grandparents again!

We both love spending time with our nieces and nephews, whether it be helping with homework, or attending sporting events on the weekends. We are blessed to be surrounded by such supportive and loving family.  Most of our family lives within 30 minutes of us and we see them on a weekly basis. The few that don’t live nearby are very much involved in our lives and we see them at least every other month.

We both grew up being involved in our church.  Today, our faith still plays an important role in our lives.  Each day we strive to build our relationships with God, our families, and with one another. We go to church as a family every Sunday. Both Terry and Kendall are a apart of their own weekly fellowship group. Kendall is a member of  an incredibly supportive moms group, “The Village” at our church. Terry meets weekly with his group in a local and well known barbershop.  We both find it important to strengthen our walk with the Lord individually, together, and as a family. We will promote and help to educate your child in having their own relationship with God.

We cannot fathom or begin to understand what you are currently going through.  It is an incredibly selfless and brave decision to choose adoption for your child.  We promise to provide a loving and stable home for your child.  More than anything, we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally, encouraging them to follow their hopes and dreams, while providing them with love and support. If you would like to find out more information about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 1-888-281-8948.

Warmest wishes,

Terry and Kendall

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