Dear Little Angels

The adoptions of our two children have made us a family. Our journey for each child was drastically different, each with its own set of joys and challenges. We are blessed to be the Mommy & Daddy to two beautiful, happy children who have gifted our family with their diversity and laughter. We are forever grateful to Little Angel Adoptions for their unwavering support and love for us both during and after the adoption of our children.
~The Imboden Family​

Little Angel Adoptions, we cannot express our gratitude enough to you. Your agency lovingly encouraged us throughout the entire process and wait for our daughter. Each staff member walked us through each step, from beginning to finalization of our baby’s adoption. We deeply valued the open communication, understanding, and connection we felt with each team member. Our family excitingly will be returning in the next few months to start the adoption process for our next baby. Again, we thank and bless everyone at Little Angel Adoptions!
~The Maedel Family

Thank you so much for all your hard work and support through this process. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate! We are so amazed and grateful at the beauty of family and how each family is knit together. Thanks for working so hard to give children loving families and to give us the opportunity to be parents! Overjoyed!
~Evans, Natalie and Evans

Thank you!! We are loving being a family of four. I always wanted to look back in my car and see 2 car seats!!!! it is so awesome!! It has been a dream come true. Daniel is doing great!!! he is such an amazing baby. I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of your patience and guidance through this entire process. You, Khimm and Dawn have been so supportive and amazing to my family. I am LAA”s biggest fan!!

Jennifer, you are a great person and I feel truly grateful I had the pleasure to meet you!! I cannot tell you how much you mean to our family. You, Khimm and Dawn are a part of my family!!! I really mean that. I hope I wasn’t too much of a pain:)))))) Maggie still talks about you, she says Miss Jennifer brought us our brother!!!
~Chris, Natasha, Maggie & Daniel

Hi guys. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve looked at your website since we started our adoption journey. I was hoping we could move sections to success stories 🙂 our finalization was yesterday and we are sooooo happy. Could not of done it without all of you. I know it’s a simple request but I dreamed of the day when we were officially a “success story.” We definitely want to adopt again but right now we are enjoying every minute with Lillian. We have a great relationship with her birth parents, also! Adoption is a beautiful thing. Love all of you. Thank you, Kari

“Dear Little Angels, It is difficult to find the words to tell you how incredibly grateful we are to you for bringing baby Kayla into our family. It’s hard to believe that just a year and a half ago we were faced with the difficult decision to choose donor egg or adoption and we are so thankful we made the decision we did.

Our family was changed forever the night we received the call from Deb at 8:09pm! Kayla has renewed our faith and reminded us that miracles do in fact happen. We have to remind ourselves that Kayla is adopted because she could not possibly be more a part of us. The wait to receive a call seemed unbearably long but we know now there was a reason for the wait because God had a special plan and Kayla was meant to be with us. Just a Landrey told our close friends when they came to meet our new daughter for the first time, “Kayla came out of another Mommy’s tummy but God wanted her to be with us”. And a very special thank you to Khimm Joachim Journagan for her never ending support. We called her so many times feeling frustrated with the wait and sharing our worry that we wouldn’t receive “the call”. She was always encouraging, positive and uplifting. I always hung up the phone after talking with her feeling better than I did when I first called. My worst day and longest therapy session with Khimm was actually the day we received the call from Deb!

The most wonderful and meaningful days of our lives were those with which our beautiful daughters came into this world. From the very bottom of our hearts we thank you for helping us to grow our family. We wish everyone at Little Angels a blessed holiday season. God Bless,”.

~ Janine, Dean, Landrey and Kayla

“I called Little angels very late one night, I was nervous, but knew I had to do something, I was 6 months along and trying to raise my daughter. I talked to Deb, she was so easy to talk to and we chatted for a long time! Together we made a adoption plan that worked for me! I picked a family that was absolutely perfect. They were at the hospital when I delivered and now I receive pictures three times a year. It was very rewarding that I could give such a wonderful gift! Thank You”!

~ Jennifer

“Hospital calls get your blood pumping. Greg and I were sitting going thru our mail on a regular kind of day. The house phone rings and it’s Jennifer calling to tell us about a child that needed a mom and dad and she was wondering if we’d be open to the situation. We had a few minutes to discuss and decide and get back to her on limited information. I have to say it was exciting!! Once you say “yes” things move fast and you have to hang on for the ride of your life. Be ready to catch a plane or pack up the car….grab that diaper bag that you’ve had sitting in a room for months because now you need it! Documents need to be signed…always good to have a notary near and all your legal documents at hand.

Jennifer and LAA staff walk you through it but there are some unknowns and in order to survive a hospital call you just have to follow directions. Jennifer said to do this and that and we did…one step at a time until I was holding our newborn. If you have kids, it’s very important to have a plan in place so you know who will care for them or will they be joining you. Our hospital call situation had some unknowns but I paid attention to the peace I felt in my heart and my desire to go and get our baby. You take the information given and you do your best to make a decision. I loved getting a call like this because after waiting months, I didn’t have to wait anymore…I jumped on a plane the next day. However your baby comes to you, it’s a real live miracle.

Thanks to our friends at LAA. You made our dreams come true…forever grateful.


“LAAs,Thank you for answering my question. Keith is so precious and we love him so much I think my momma bear instincts gets in the way of my rational brain. I am glad I can always call you and Heartsent to always answer my questions and understand my fears. Thank you!!”

~Brooke Vermeer

“After a series of miscarriages, my husband and I knew we wanted our family to grow. Adoption was a no brainer for us, but where to begin was the question. I had spoken to many different adoption agencies and it was so overwhelming until I spoke to Khimm from LAA. From our first conversation she mad me feel at peace and she was so helpful with everything. After 15 months of waiting we got one of the most important calls of our lives! A birth mother picked us; Jennifer was just as excited as we were!!! We jumped on the next flight and Jennifer stayed at the hospital with us while we met our son and his birth mom!!! What a wonderful journey and experience we had!! Jennifer helped us the entire time and continues to help while we wait for our son to be finalized! I cannot thank LAA enough for making our experience so wonderful!”

~Lots of love, Chris, Natasha, Maggie and Daniel