Steve & Rhoda

Dear Birth Mother,

We can’t realize what life’s like through your eyes,
Your heart, how it must ache with grief….
Yet perhaps in the end, these words that we send,
Will help bring you hope and relief.

Hello to you! We are Steve and Rhoda, and we thank you for choosing life for your baby. This is your first affirmative action of love for him or her! We also have love to share….let us tell you a little about our lives.

We’ve known each other “always,” our families being together as were growing up. As we both became adults, we each realized that this was the special person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with! We were married on a lovely autumn day in the same church we had both attended all our lives, and thus began a life of love and commitment that has brought many joys. Years of childlessness, infertility, and failed medical procedures meant sorrow, too, and being unable to have biological children was an undeniable sadness to us. Yet through these experiences, we’ve come to know the joy and love of adoption. Our sons’ birthmothers opened a new world of love for us! Someone like them, someone like you, has the courage and unselfishness to give such a great gift of love, and we thank you – so, so much.

Home to us is the Midwestern dairy farm, which we own, in a community where both of us were born and raised. Our two-story farmhouse has some inside walls that are restored log walls from the 1830’s era. Cozy upstairs bedrooms are just waiting for children to occupy them! Lawn and garden, trees and cornfields surround our farm buildings, accessible from our country road and long lane which are fun for bike riding! Almost all our extended family members live close by, and we frequently share work projects and social times. Steve and his brothers also do crop farming together. Our siblings all have large families, and children in our circles are considered blessing from God, welcome, and cherished! Faith in God and obedience to Him have been emphasized in our upbringings ever since we can remember. Loving, committed relationships weren’t just talked about – they were, and are, lived before our eyes. Both sets of parents have been married over sixty years, and still are actively involved in our lives.

Jedd was born in February of 2012, and just after his fourth birthday, another son, Kent, also joined our family. What joy and love these boys have brought to us! It’s a special privilege for Steve to finally have a son or sons to take with him now, riding with him on the tractor, “helping” him in the shop, feeding the cattle, or even just playing together on the living room floor! And it’s heartwarming to see the love and relationships being built.

Living in the country offers wonderful opportunities to observe and appreciate the beauties of nature and wonders of creation. And a farming occupation allows us both to be full time stay-at-home parents. The boys can play nearby in the sandbox while Rhoda hangs laundry on the clothesline, or the whole family can be out at the strawberry patch together or take an evening excursion to the nearby woods.

Sharing life together on a farm in the country is only part of the picture, though. God has graciously blessed us in so many, many ways. Jedd and Kent have been such a joy to us, and we want them to know the richness of sibling relationships as well as parental ones. There’s desire in our hearts as well… in our hearts and home to share our love and abundant blessings with your child!

What priceless, great worth! Nothing else on the earth
Surpasses this gift you are giving.
We’ll endeavor to guide, love, care and provide,
Train your child in upright, pure living.

If you would like to know more about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 888-281-8948. They are available 24/7, to listen and answer your questions.
Love and blessings,

Steve and Rhoda