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Stephanie & Kevin

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A Letter To You...

Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us.  We are hopeful about the prospect of welcoming a child into our family.  We understand that it may be a difficult time in your life and we hope to help you with your decision as you get to know our family.

Our Life Together

We met while working for different companies on the Mars Exploration Rover mission for NASA.  Kevin relocated to southern California, where we have lived since we married over ten years ago.  We still work in the space industry.  Stephanie is in management and Kevin works in research and development.


I was born and raised in Colorado.  My dad was an elementary school principal and my mom was a college administrative assistant.  I am the second oldest of four boys.  We were best friends and watched out for each other.  Mom and Dad regularly took us fishing and hiking in the Colorado mountains.  I love the outdoors and have spent much of my free time enjoying national parks, forests, and the California coastline.  I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction, taking vacations, and gourmet cooking.

Education was a high priority in my household.  I always knew I would go to college and study science and engineering.

About Kevin (by Stephanie)

Kevin is patient and sensitive.  He cares deeply about the people he loves and is very close to his family.  He is open to new experiences and enjoys learning new things.  He played the clarinet and was involved in his school band.  Kevin was a top performer in high school and worked to pay for college.  He has degrees in geological and civil engineering, and he works hard as a Consulting Engineer.  He is a good problem solver around the house and an excellent chef.

Kevin is a kid at heart who enjoys amusement parks and viewing wildlife.  He has talked about having children since we met, and he will make a wonderful father.


I grew up in New Jersey with two sisters.  I loved sports, and regularly played soccer, basketball and softball.  I sang in choir and played violin.  My parents attended all of my school events and games.  My dad was a community basketball coach and my mom was a Girl Scout troop leader.  We look forward to being similarly involved in our child’s activities.

Education was very important to my family.  I did well in school and attended a top university, where I met people who are still among my closest friends. I volunteered for many years for education-related non-profit organizations. I also love animals, and volunteered at animal shelters and marine centers starting in high school.  I look forward to encouraging and exploring the world with our child.

About Stephanie (by Kevin)

Stephanie is the most capable, honest, trustworthy, responsible, and loving person I have ever known.  She has worked hard in advancing her career and in achieving her academic successes, including a Ph.D. and an MBA.  Education is a top priority and she continuously seeks opportunities to learn.  She looks for potential in everyone, and will lend a hand to anyone who is working to improve their lives.  She makes a point to spend time with her nieces and she enjoys every minute with them.  Stephanie also enjoys the outdoors, with weekend excursions to the Redwoods or the coast, and vacations to national parks.  Stephanie is excited to be a mom and has been since I met her.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

We will provide the resources and environment for a great education and life lessons.  Our goal is to provide a secure and caring environment that will enable our child to be self-sufficient, self-motivated, confident and able to successfully navigate through life’s challenges and joys.  We will provide a happy, loving, warm, and safe home where our child can explore and develop interests.  Our child will learn by example and experience our values of love, a strong supportive family, hard work, education, respect for others, kindness, trust, humility, truth, enjoyment, and wonder.

We believe that raising happy, responsible children requires attention and focus, so we are planning to have at least one of us be home and available to our child.  We believe in family dinners and outings, and look forward to exploring new places and providing opportunities for learning and fun.  We look forward to sharing our holiday traditions and creating new ones.  We both benefited from close families and great educational opportunities, and we look forward to sharing our lives with a child.

To learn more about us or speak with us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 888-281-8948.  We look forward to meeting you. Stephanie and Kevin

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