Sean & Amy

Sean & Amy

Dear Birth Parent

Hi. We are Sean and Amy. We would like to first thank you for taking a moment to read our letter. We are excited to share our lives with you and tell you a little about our journey.

We met through mutual friends, Billy and Jamie, that had been trying to introduce us for four years. Sean and Billy have been friends since the third grade. Amy and Jamie worked at the hospital together. On our first date we both had a wonderful feeling that we were made for one another. We’ve been together ever since! On our first date, I asked Sean if he wanted children. When he said yes, I told him we could always adopt. So it was on that first date that we knew we would be taking this journey with you.

Amy loves being a mom. She has a seventeen year old son, Ryan, that she raised as a single mom. He graduated high school with honors and will be attending a four-year university. Amy has always wanted to have more children, but due to severe endometriosis and a hysterectomy at age 30, she is unable to have anymore biological children.

Sean works for a life long friend and his family at an almond farming and harvesting company. He loves his work. He is able to do what he loves most, build and fix things! He enjoys welding, working on the equipment, building trailers, and helping expand the business.

Both of our families are tight-knit and loving. Family is very important to us and what makes life better each day. Know that your wonderful baby will come into our lives truly loved and raised with all of our families’ strengths. In both of our families adoption is not new. Sean has cousins who are adopted, and Amy has a niece who is adopted. They’re family. Our family. Sean’s parents have been married for forty-nine years. They are best friends and loving parents to Sean, Amy, and Sean’s brother Mike. Amy’s parents have been married for forty-four years and are also wonderful parents to Amy, Sean, Amy’s sister Lisa, and brother-in-law Seth. They are amazing grandparents to Ryan and Lisa and Seth’s daughters, Tiffany and Emily. We have a great family that we would love to make bigger and stronger with the addition of your baby.

We both grew up in small towns in Northern California. We live near our families and friends in a wonderful community that is great for raising children. We live in a quiet neighborhood with a lot of young children. Sean bought the home we live in seventeen years ago. We are looking to move into the country to raise our family on an almond ranch closer to Sean’s place of work.

Sean in the eyes of Amy
My husband is one of the most loving, kind, loyal, and patient men I have ever met. He is my best friend and the love of my life. Sean is very passionate about his hobbies. His first love, besides me, is old cars. He has had a love of old cars since he was very young. When he was in high school he restored his parents ‘64 1/2 Mustang. He was hooked! From there he got a ‘72 Chevy pickup, ’65 Chevelle, and is now restoring his parents ‘62 Corvette. He also enjoys woodworking, building things, and going to car shows. He is the best father to my son and is wonderful with my nieces. All of our families’ and friends’ children love Sean. He loves to play them whether it getting down on the floor playing with cars or out in the backyard. He is unbelievably patient when it comes to teaching them new things.

Amy in the eyes of Sean
My wife is a fun-loving, beautiful woman. I am so lucky to share my life with her. I knew she was “a keeper” from our very first date. We just fit. It’s hard to explain but a wonderful feeling. Amy helps make me a better man. The love that I have for her grows more and more with each passing day. Amy enjoys baking cakes and pies. She also enjoys sewing pillows and curtains that change with the seasons and help make a lovely home for us. She has turned our house into a home by blending both our personalities and styles. Family and friends feel comfortable and welcome when they are over for dinner or just stopping by to say “hi”. She takes great care of me, and as I said before, I am lucky to be loved by her through both her words and actions. She is my best friend. I know without a doubt I can always count on her. It’s hard to put my feelings into words. If you could look through my eyes for a moment you would be amazed by the great feeling I am blessed to have every day!

Our love
We love each other with all of our hearts, that grows stronger with each passing day. Our desire to share what we have with your baby will help us complete our family. Your child will grow up in a loving and happy home. He will always know he is loved by you.

Thank you for taking time to learn a little about us and our journey.

We can be reached by contacting Little Angel Adoption (888) 281-8948

With sincere gratitude,
Sean and Amy