Scott & Kristen

Scott & Kristen

Dear Birth Parent

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our life with you! You are probably going through
events in your life which have led you to turn to adoption as a way to provide a positive future for your child. We
applaud your courage for that and hope we can be a part of your journey.

Scott and I were high school sweethearts and ended up going to college in different states. Scott
studied science and technology while I studied music and violin performance. God’s providence through life’s
circumstances brought us back together almost 20 years later. When we were married we had dreams of
starting a family, and after struggling with infertility for seven years, we realized that God had a different plan for
us and planted the idea of adoption in our mind. Adoption will give us the opportunity to provide a child with
love and support, and you with the peace of mind that you and your child will be treasured forever.

To give you a glimpse into our world, there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t make each other laugh.
Scott and I love to learn and explore nature both nearby and far off. We are looking forward to sharing with our
child the activities we enjoy, like going to zoos and museums and traveling to Germany to visit our family and
experience the wonderful scenery and culture. Our passion for the outdoors is reflected in the time we talk while
having dinner on the back deck, or camping on warm summer days and cozying up to a fire on cool autumn
nights. With us, your child would always know that your love for them is endless, beginning with your choice to
help them grow as a part of a wonderful family.

Being from large families, there’s always a lot going on at family gatherings. Uncle Scott is the science
go-to guy and Aunt Kristen is the violin teacher to thirteen nieces and nephews. Birthdays and holidays are a
tangle of little voices at grandma and grandpa’s house which is bursting with presents and food. Everyone in
our family is very excited to welcome a new niece or nephew.

Prayer is a large part of our life and through prayer Christ has led us to share our blessings. We are
praying for you, hoping that God is giving you a sense of peace as you make this very difficult decision. Thank
you for taking the time to learn more about us and we hope to learn more about you very soon.

Scott & Kristen

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