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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

We recognize that this decision is not an easy process for you. Whatever your decision may be, we want you to know that we are thankful for you and the life that you carry.

We hope you will take the time to get to know our family a little better.  We are individuals who strive to treat each other with love and respect.  We are parents who love and cherish every child’s unique fit in this crazy world and seek to provide them with amazing opportunities. We are a family that is completely committed to creating strong bonds and a loving home.

As adoptive parents, we have tremendous respect, love, and concern for you.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you today and always.

About Us:

We met in 2005 in Washington, D.C., where we were both doing internships. Sara was not interested in dating anyone, but Jerod was interested in Sara! On our first date, Jerod expressed his desire to one day adopt children, which was a pleasant surprise to Sara. We married in July 2006 at one of Sara’s favorite places—the beach.

At the time of this letter, we’ve been married for eight and a half years.  During that time, we have shared together in life’s joys and endured together through its hardships.  In some ways, time makes marriage easier and in other ways it makes it harder, but we are both 100% committed to making our marriage stronger every day.

We aim to be kind and respectful to each other and those around us, to confide in each other completely, and to keep no secrets.  We try to go on a date night twice each month and spend at least a half an hour talking about our days before we go to bed.  We know that a strong marriage is very important to maintaining a strong family and we will do everything in our power to provide a strong family for the children that we will parent.

More fun information about our family:

–       We live in a four bedroom home in an established neighborhood with a huge backyard and playset.
–       We attend our local Episcopal church, where William also attends pre-school.
–       We run a consulting business together.
–       We value education and will make sure that the children we parent have the opportunity to pursue a college degree.
–       Sunday lunches are almost always at one of our favorite restaurants, where they know us by name and have the best breakfast tacos ever.
–       We are the “party” house where our friends and their families gather to share meals, play games, and celebrate special occasions.
–       We have family prayers together every night before bed.
–       We like to travel and look forward to taking family trips over seas.
–       We enjoy music, playing musical instruments, and singing.
–       We try to eat local and healthy . . . but enjoy indulging in sweet potato fries and ice cream every now and again.
–       We hope to one day have a huge garden to teach our children about nature and grow many of our own vegetables.
–       We like watching classic movies and funny television shows together.
–       Family comes first.
–       A child in our family will always know they are very loved.

About Jerod (by Sara):

Jerod is fun-loving and hardworking.  He started a consulting business about ten years ago, which has blessed us with financial security.  He is also completing a Ph.D.  He works hard but has a flexible schedule.  Often, he works from home to spend more time with our family.

Jerod really enjoys playing guitar, watching college football, working in the garden and being outdoors. He also enjoys reading and having good conversations over a pint of locally-made beer.

Jerod is kind and charismatic.  He can have a conversation with anyone about most anything.  He teaches a class at a nearby college and goes out of his way to help his students get the most out of the class and to help them when they face difficulties in class or in life.

He is an exceptional father.  He insists on singing our sons bedtime songs and taking them on special outings.  Not many fathers will get on the floor and play with their children the way Jerod does.  He even takes the boys on special trips to the “man store” (Home Depot) where they play on the lawn mowers and look at tools.  He will even turn off a beloved football game to read a story or play a game.

About Sara (by Jerod):

When Sara was 15, she found out she could not have biological children. Adoption has always been a part of Sara’s life and it’s something to which she has always felt called. Three of her cousins are adopted and she babysat for several adoptive families in high school.

Sara is a fun and passionate young woman. She is an integral part of our family’s consulting business, where she manages the books and does graphic design work.  She also volunteers with a local non-profit that helps cancer patients.  Sara has a master’s degree and greatly values education.  We are blessed that Sara can stay at home full-time with our children and is able to do her work during naptimes and in the evenings.

Sara is extremely creative.  She enjoys photography, writing, playing piano, baking, and sewing.  At home, she’s almost always singing a song.

As a mother, Sara is nurturing, empathetic, and playful. She is the first to admit that she is an introvert; so having compassion for all the ups and downs of childhood comes very easily to her.  She’s also the first one to jump in a puddle on a rainy day, just for fun.  She spends most of her free time coming up with fun, educational activities for our kids and keeping our home a warm and inviting place.

About our boys:

Both of our boys were placed in our family through adoption. Every day, we feel blessed to have the honor of raising them.

Our relationships with our children’s birth mothers look very different. William’s adoption was emotional and Little Angels was an integral part of helping his birth mother make the choice she felt was right for her and her family. Over the years, our relationship has blossomed into a beautiful picture of love and respect. Henry’s birth mother does not want a relationship at this time, but she knows the door is always open. We have and will always do our very best to respect our children’s birth family’s wishes and to be an encouragement in their lives.

We feel that our boys’ adoptions are their stories. Children come into families in different ways and we are ready to answer their questions and support them as they grow to understand what that means in their lives.

In our family, our boys are the center of our lives.  William is an energetic, highly intelligent boy who loves to play pretend and read Curious George. Henry is sweet, gentle, and always ready to read a book. They love to wrestle, chase, and look at books together.

Both of our boys are excited about a baby brother or sister. They love playing with their friends’ baby sisters and brothers, and are very gentle and caring toward them.

Family life:

We both come from very strong family backgrounds and want our children to have the same. Having a good relationship with his or her siblings, grandparents, and extended family is important to us.

Our family life is centered around the home.  We always have a family dinner, followed by family time playing a game or going to the park, and wrap up the evening with family story time and prayers.

Sara and the boys spend most days attending story hours, going to the children’s museum, exploring the outdoors, reading books, having spontaneous dance parties and learning about the world.  Sara tries to let the boys participate in household endeavors as much as possible – and they love using the dust buster, chopping vegetables, and making whipped cream.

William and Henry love spending time with Jerod.  Wrestle time and football games in the backyard are frequent events. They enjoy playing music together too; Jerod will play the guitar while the boys take turns playing various instruments.

On Saturday mornings, you can almost always find us at the local farmer’s market or watching This Old House while pretending to re-construct the coffee table with the boys. On Sunday mornings, we attend church then head over to a favorite local eatery for brunch.  Sunday nights, we pop popcorn on the stove and eat it together as a family.

In our family, we make every effort to be kind and encouraging to each other.  We also make an effort to have fun and live life to its fullest.

As parents, we believe that every child is unique and has different skills and interests. We hope to encourage our children to pursue their hopes and dreams. We will make sure that educational opportunities are available to them and encourage them to explore the world to find their unique fit.

Our hope is that the children we parent will grow up with wonderful memories of family game nights, popping popcorn over the stove, and family vacations to the beach and overseas. Our hope is that they will think fondly of a home filled with music, watching plants grow in the family garden and family meals around the dinner table. We will do everything in our power to make sure a child in our family will always know he or she is very, very loved.

If you are the birth parent who shares the gift of life with our family, we hope that learning more about us and our vision of family life will give you comfort and assurance in your decision.  Thank you for helping to make the dream of a family a reality for us.

If you are interested in speaking with us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions (1-888-281-8948).

Jerod and Sara

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