Sara & Bean

Sara & Bean

Dear Birth Mother,

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for the opportunity you are providing to both your child and to us by considering adoption. We cannot begin to imagine making such a difficult decision. The action you are taking to ensure your child’s well-being is selfless, compassionate and nothing short of a sacrifice. We are blessed by your consideration as we yearn to share our life and our love with another tiny human being.

About us:

We met in Northern California in the early 2000’s; both of us were attending universities in the area at the time. Sara was a single mother of two and Bean was playing soccer for her college. We instantly were drawn to one another but we just could not put our finger on the attraction. We began our relationship as friends for nearly 4 years. We always had so much fun together, whether we were going out dancing, BBQ’ing or hanging out at the local coffee shop. Then on September 15, 2004 it happened, an undeniable, uncontrollable emotional connection that rose to the surface of our friendship.

Within no time we had become a couple complete with two little ones.  We spent a few months in separate households making the best of a long distance relationship as Bean had moved to attend graduate school.  Sara, and her children Noah and Kylie were not far behind and our life as a family began.

In 2008 we made history by being one of the first same-sex couples to be legally married in the state’s capital. Marriage is not taken lightly in our household and we work hard to maintain a healthy and growing relationship. We strongly believe that marriage is a commitment that should be seen through and nourished with love and devotion.

As a team we have found success in establishing and chasing our dreams. One of those dreams was to showcase our passion for healthy living and an active lifestyle. We love to share our knowledge with the community around us. We have created a fitness environment that is more like a family nestled in the center of our neighborhood.  We have also been lucky enough to purchase our dream home, checking yet, another dream off of our wish list. We have one major dream left to fulfill and that is where you have come in. Since we have become a couple we have toyed with the idea of adopting a baby. We are finally in a place where we can bring this dream into reality with your help.


Bean…(by Sara)

From the minute I met Bean and saw her interaction with my two children I knew she was the type of woman I wanted to raise children with.  She is strong, playful, motivated, caring, funny and a very hard worker.   There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her family.  People are drawn to her charismatic personality.  She has very strong morals and values.  She does what she says she is going to do and is very good at keeping others accountable.  She is strict as far as parenting goes but not overboard.  She believes in working hard for what you want in life and teaching that to our children. She enjoys cooking healthy meals for the family and has always loved packing delicious healthy lunches for the kids.  She is also compassionate and loving and knows when it’s just a good time to give a hug.  She makes all of us laugh with her funny sense of humor.  I just adore her as do the kids.  When she is not inspiring her hundreds of clients she likes to exercise and be with her family, and if she can combine the two that is even better.  Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to her.  She makes others want to be healthier just being around her. I know that Bean has always wanted to raise a baby and with two failed IUIs I was unable to provide her with this.  She is going to be the most amazing parent/mother to our new addition. I know you won’t be disappointed, I can guarantee this with having watched her raise my two children.

Sara…..(by Bean)

When I think of describing Sara to an unknown person I begin to get a little overwhelmed, as I do not believe words are enough to accomplish this task.  To begin with Sara is my soul mate, she compliments me beyond any shadow of a doubt. She reminds me to always look at the positive, to embrace change, to venture out of my comfort zone, to embark on new journeys and to never worry as there is a plan for me out there. Sara is spontaneous with reason, adventurous with caution, and loving to no end. She is the strongest and most determined individual I have ever met. I have never known her to quit on anything, especially her children. Sara is a very compassionate mother. She has showered her children with love, emotion, and openness while maintaining a relationship that allows them to grow as individuals. She has continued to make them her number one priority through their entire upbringing. I am in awe of this because of her age upon becoming a mother. Most of us were out being selfish in our late teens and early twenties, but not Sara.  Most people are instantly enamored with Sara. Whether it be her approachable personality, her gentle kindness, her beauty or that sparkle in her eyes, people just want to be around her. She is always laughing and that is one of the traits I enjoy most of hers. She loves being active, and attempts to engage the kids in most of these outdoor activities. She also enjoys a nice cup of tea and snuggling on the couch with me and our 3 dogs. When she is not helping to run the gym, Sara also works as a dental hygienist and inspires her patients to take great care of their pearly whites. I find her passion for life contagious and so do those around her. I have no problem promoting her as a candidate for your child’s potential role model.

Our home:

We live in a gated community in Northern California. We have a large home with two stories. We have 4 bedrooms and the baby will have plenty of room to play, learn and grow. The community is nestled near the American River and there are several outdoor adventures to be had. There is also a private park within our community for homeowners to utilize. We are only 2 hours from Tahoe and San Francisco and very close to our families in Sonoma County. Our back yard is a kid’s dream complete with a basketball court and a trampoline. We love where we live as it is really quiet and peaceful. Our home is conveniently located near the private Catholic elementary school where we intend to enroll your child. A good education is very important to us and our location makes this extremely possible.  Noah is a young adult and out of the house on his own and Kylie is at a near by private Catholic high school soon to head off to college.  We are ready to bring a new addition into our home the timing is perfect and we are not ready to be done parenting.

We hope to be hearing from you soon as we are excited to provide your child with a home filled with love, opportunity and expanded horizons. Thank you so much for getting to know us via this letter and potentially changing our lives for the better. To learn more about us, please call Little Angel Adoptions at (888)281-8948.




Bean and Sara

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