Sam & Ann

Dear Birth Mother,

We know that you love your child very much and you want find the best adoptive parents for your baby. We thank you for considering our letter. We would like to share our thoughts with you.

Why We Are Considering Adoption

As a couple, we are very committed to each other. We have been happily together more than fifteen years and planned to have a family for long time. We always knew that we wanted children. However, after getting married we found out that we cannot have children of our own. We believe that adoption is our plan and we are excited about it! We are grateful for that opportunity to raise a child, be parents. We would like to offer loving and caring home to your baby.

As Future Parents

Both of us are eager to become parents. Ann would be a stay-at-home parent. We are planning to be hands-on parents and offer our time, love, support and guidance. As for religion, we are Christians. As the future parents, we would like to emphasize responsibility, tolerance and honesty. These values are also important in our everyday lives. We promise to provide a loving stable home for our future child.

In Closing

We are happy that you took your time and read about our lives. We hope you can feel our warm thoughts and we wish all the best for you and the baby. Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents. We are both so exited for this journey!

If you would like to speak with us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions 1-888-281-8948.

Ann & Sam