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Ryan & Danielle

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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Parent(s),

We are Ryan and Danielle and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We understand this is an extremely difficult decision you are making and we admire your courage and selflessness. Our hope is that you will find peace in your decision by getting to know us better.

Danielle and I have been happily married for over seventeen years. We have always had a deep desire to be parents but we have not been able to have children of our own. By the time we felt ready to have our own children Danielle was diagnosed with a rare aggressive cervical cancer and it eliminated any possibility of having our own child. Danielle has been healthy and cancer free now for eight years. We believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and we truly believe that adoption is the path that we were meant to take, and we have never been more ready to welcome a child into our hearts and our home. In the last year we adopted a little boy in our home and he is eager to welcome a baby sister.

Danielle is a medical coder, she really enjoys it because she has to problem-solve on a daily basis and she is fortunate enough to work from her home office. When Danielle’s not solving problems at work she is usually reading a book, working on a puzzle, watching her favorite series, or planning our next road trip. Danielle has a great sense of humor, she is caring, loving and thoughtful, and our families are very important to her. Danielle is amazing with children and caring for them comes natural to her. She enjoys playing games and reading books to our two nephews that are four and five years old. I know Danielle will be a fantastic mother because she is fun, adventurous, and has so much love to give.

Ryan is an X-ray technologist at a local Medical Center. He really enjoys this area of work because he has a passion for helping people. He is a hard worker and when he puts his mind to something, he gets it done. Ryan can light up the room with his laughter and sense of humor.

People love to be around him because he has such a great personality. He is kind, thoughtful of others, giving, and has such a positive attitude. He loves to be out hiking in the woods, trail running, and staying fit. Ryan loves all things sports, and Sundays are football days on the TV.

When the nephews are over he is usually playing catch with them and teaching them all about sports. Ryan will be a wonderful father. Putting our child’s needs before his own and making sure that our child is always happy. He can’t wait to start taking them out to the woods during his walks.

We live in a beautiful four bedroom, two and a half bath, dark green, two story home, with cream colored trim, a medium sized front yard, and a covered front porch. We have a large bonus room upstairs where our two young nephews love to play. In the back yard there is plenty of space for kids and dog’s to play, and we have raised garden beds where we love to plant flowers and grow vegetables in the spring and summer. Our neighborhood is filled with school aged children, several parks are nearby, and an excellent school within walking distance.

Between our family, and close friends, there will be so much love, support, and fun times to be had for our child. Our network of family and friends live very close by and are always just a phone call away. Every one of our family members are so excited for us and are eagerly waiting for the day that we bring home our own little child.

We plan to provide a loving, supportive, safe, and fun environment for your baby, with many adventures along the way. Thank you for your time to learn more about us. We hope that we were able to give you a glimpse into our lives.

If you would like to know more about us, please reach out by calling, Little Angel Adoptions at: (888) 281-8948.

Ryan and Danielle

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