Ronnie & Nicole

Ronnie & Nicole

Dear Birth Parent

We are Ronnie and Nicole. We met in 2001 through a mutual friend. After one date Ronnie knew I was a catch and we have been together ever since! In 2005 we said our “I do’s” and have had quite an exciting adventure ever since. Ronnie has one daughter from a previous marriage, Kelsey. Kelsey is 16 years old and I have been in her life since she was four. She is not my biological daughter, but in my mind and heart she is my daughter and we have a great relationship. Kelsey is with us half of her time. We knew that we wanted to have more children. After some difficult years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, we realized that our desire to have more children could still be achieved. We have so much more love to share with another child and are excited to fulfill our dream of having a larger family.

Even though we met through a mutual friend almost 12 years ago, we grew up in the same neighborhood. In fact, our high schools were rival schools and we tease each other about it all the time. Kelsey even attends the same school that her dad attended. Anytime we are at Kelsey’s school Ronnie loves to tell us how much of a stud he was in high school. Kelsey and I just roll our eyes. We live in a small town and are extremely involved in Kelsey’s school and activities. She is a varsity cheerleader and enjoying every moment of it. Ronnie and I are HUGE supporters of the high school football, basketball and baseball teams and attend every game to watch Kelsey cheer and root for our players. Sports are very important to us. Ronnie and I both played high school sports and feel it is important for kids to participate in extracurricular activities. Kelsey also competed on a competitive cheer team for three years. We traveled with her throughout the state and never missed a competition. While she was in elementary school I volunteered as PTA Treasurer. Ronnie and I have chaperoned numerous field trips. I was also actively involved in Girl Scouts and was the Cookie Mom for two years. When Kelsey moved on to middle school, I volunteered as Booster Club President. By the time she started high school she said it wasn’t cool for me to volunteer anymore. So now I volunteer on committees after school where she can’t see me. We feel it is very important to be supportive of her activities and school. This allows us to get to know the teachers, school administrators, and other parents. She just got her license and is now on the road. Our nerves are slowly starting to calm down!

Ronnie is an avid hunter and fisherman. He spends many weekends out on his fishing boat on local lakes, rivers and in the ocean. He also likes to hunt for deer and pheasants. He does a lot of his hunting at his aunt and uncle’s cabin about an hour from our house. Ronnie is eager to have a son in his life so he can share these hobbies with him and pass on his enjoyment of the outdoors. I enjoy being with my family, watching football and basketball, taking care of our home, and being a cheer mom! I am looking forward to having a son so I can become a football/baseball mom too. As a family we will often take day trips to the beach, snow or mountains. Summer is our favorite time of the year, and you can find us boating and tubing at a nearby lake. Our vacations are usually to Disneyland, Los Angeles or to visit family in Kentucky. This past Christmas we took a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland to see the park decorated for the holidays. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Ronnie has worked as a salesman for a local gas and oil company for the past 10 years. His job is very flexible and he is often able to work from home. I work at a local university in the financial department and have been working there for 10 years as well. Education is very important to us. One of the perks of working at a University, is my children can attend at discounted rate. We live in a two story, three bedroom home in a wonderful neighborhood. Our local park is known for having amazing events, including a spectacular fireworks show every year. Being in a small town brings the community together for parades on Veteran’s Day and the Christmas Parade of Lights. As a family we never miss any of these traditional events. We have two dogs: a yellow lab named Abbie and a German shorthaired pointer named Lucy. Abbie constantly has her tail wagging and Lucy is Ronnie’s hunting buddy and loves to find birds. Our family also includes a HUGE cat named Webber. Both of our extended families live close by and are very excited to welcome a little one into our family.

We love to celebrate all holidays, especially Christmas. During Christmas one of our traditions is to visit an amazing house that has thousands of lights. I feel Christmas and birthdays are the time of year to make our children’s dreams come true (within reason). Kelsey has fond memories of putting carrots on the lawn for the reindeer and leaving Santa Claus a note. She also receives an Easter basket and a Valentine’s Day treat every year. These traditions will continue until she has her own children. Our family is very big on traditions and feels it’s important to make our own family special and unique.

Should you choose us to be the parents of your baby; you will have the confidence of knowing that because we are the parents of a 16 year old, we have had lots of experience raising a child. While at the same time the age difference will allow us to devote a lot of undivided attention to the baby. Know that your child will be raised in a home of unconditional love, support, humor and guidance. Most importantly your child will always know how much he is loved.

Ronnie and Nicole