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Robert & Melissa

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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Parent,

Hi there. We’re Robert and Melissa. We’re the parents of Jack and to our dogs, cats, chickens and ducks. Jack just started Kindergarten (on Zoom and in Spanish!) Robert teaches high school and Melissa works from home. We are a very happy and loving family. We are writing you because of Jack.

When Jack was two, he told us having a baby sister was his greatest wish. We went through years of infertility treatments before we adopted Jack (through Little Angels) and can’t get pregnant. We thought he might forget about it. But he didn’t. For three years, all he’s talked about is having a sister – he wants to swing with her, teach her how to swim, teach her how to play soccer, and open presents with her on Christmas. Most importantly, he so wants someone to play with.

A little about us. We live in Washington state. We love to travel. We’re a big soccer family. We love to garden. Jack loves Thomas the Train and Hot Wheels. Robert’s a Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Melissa writes mystery novels.  We have a big brick house with lots of room inside and out for kids to play. We have a big loving family of cousins, aunts and uncles and one special Gramma Debby.

Jack, all of us, want you to take a minute and watch the attached video. If you think your baby would fit with our family, just know that you’ll be granting a little boy his greatest wish – to be a big brother. Jack is our most precious child and we believe in miracles. We will be so honored to raise your baby.

For more information about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at (888) 281-8948.

Thank you for reading our letter. God bless you!

Robert, Melissa and Jack


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