Robert & Melissa

Dear Birth Parent

Hello! We are Robert and Melissa. Thank you for letting us share our lives with you through this letter. Reading this letter must be, at least, trying, but know that we are offering hope and encouragement. We pray that getting to know us might result in answered prayers for everyone.

We are committed to offering your child a life of unconditional love, unconditional singing and laughter, world travel and a loving “village” of family and friends. We believe that he or she should always know who you are, feel your love and we will do everything possible to ensure your connection.

Melissa’s story: I was raised to be self-sufficient, brave and kind. As a child, I took the city bus to Ballet class and Gymnastics class, I visited out-of state relatives on my own, I lived in the Canadian wilderness (for my mom’s college class) with my family one summer, and I went to college at age 16. My family always told me I could do or be anything I wanted, including President, but all I’ve ever wanted to do was be a teacher and a mom. I teach English (currently at the community college), but I’ve taught other subjects as well: Horseback riding, cooking and speech class. As for being a mom, I have surrounded myself with friends’ kids, my brother’s two boys, my sister’s kids and numerous dogs and cats. Until I met Robert, I never thought I would find someone to have kids with or have kids of my own. Five years ago, when we met, he showed me love, care, compassion and respect. After we married three years ago, and went through multiple miscarriage heartbreak, he suggested we adopt a child to soak up all the love and fun we share.

Robert’s story: I grew up in a traditional home. I was raised to respect others, listen, help out, study hard and take care of my family. I joined the Boy Scouts in grade school and spent the next 12 years earning every merit badge possible. My childhood was full of camping, bike riding, fort-making, canoeing, hiking and family. Once I was in high school, I excelled in sports: Swimming, Soccer and Track. I went to Districts three years in a row and State one year for Track. I also fell in love with the German language, history and culture and pursued that as a major in college. I currently teach German and English to high school students and am planning a trip, with high school students, to Germany and Austria this summer. When I met Melissa five years ago, I had not been looking (only hoping for) the kind of love she had to share. She gives me love, strength, help, friendship and deep respect. She also gives that to everyone she knows, and to people she doesn’t know! Melissa loves so deeply that every child who meets her instantly loves and adores her. Please know that your child will be so loved and cherished by me, my wife and our family.

We own a beautiful 1940’s brick house (4 bed/3 ba) in Washington state. We have 100 foot 100 year old native trees in our fenced yard with flowers and flower beds, garden beds, a gorgeous brick patio, and two very happy dogs – Byron the Yellow Lab and Roland the Basset Hound mix. Inside our house we have comfy couches, lots of light, books, pillows and three lazy de-clawed cats – Henry the grey tabby, Leo the Garfield-sized orange tabby and Cleo the sassy Tortoiseshell cat. We both teach – Robert during the day and Melissa in the afternoons and evenings – and after work, we walk the dogs, go for hikes, work in the gardens, visit friends and family and relax with movies and Netflix. As soon as we add a baby to our family, Robert will continue working during the day, and Melissa will stay home with the baby. When Robert gets home from school, two days a week, Melissa will teach classes in the afternoons. We are both fortunate to have our closest family only minutes away; both families live less than two miles from our house. We are also very close to our awesome, talented and fun teenaged nephews (they have their own band!) who will be amazing cousins for your child.

If you choose us to be your child’s parents, we want you to know that he or she will always know who you are, and we will want to share life’s events with you through pictures, stories, letters and calls. Know that we are open to creating a relationship with you as you would like. We would be honored to raise your child.

For more information about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at (888) 281-8948.
Thank you for reading this letter. Many hugs to you!

Robert and Melissa