Rene & Jessalyn

rene & jessalyn

Dear Birth Parent

Hi, we are Rene, Jessalyn, and Liam. We are so grateful to you for considering us as possible adoptive parents. Though we cannot begin to know all that you are going through during this decision, we truly do appreciate the incredible love and courage it takes for you to travel down the road of adoption. We hope that sharing with you a little about our family, and how excited we are to provide a safe, loving and supportive home full of adventure for your child will help you with your decision in choosing your adoptive family. We are honored to be a part of this decision and are excited about the prospect of welcoming another child and their birth parents into our family through an “open adoption.”

A little about our relationship,

We met by chance through an online web site and after a couple of months of chatting we decided to meet. When we met at a wing stop and had lunch together, and after hours of conversation we parted only to meet again the next day, and the day after we met again. This continued until He finally made our lives together official by proposing on Christmas Eve in front of his family. We married in the spring and have never been happier. Every day that we are together we fall deeper in love with each other. We were both born and raised in Texas were we still live today with our four year old son Liam. We have now been married for almost 5 years.

We are both very active people and love being outside at the park, in the sun and enjoying all the wonders that the great state of Texas has to offer. The city we live in has a small town feel with Farmer’s Markets, historical land marks, and lots recreation areas and activities for families during the summer months, We love spending summer days at Sea World and the river,  and often travel to the beach for vacation with family. It is a great place to raise a family and teach the history of the state. We Home school our son Liam and would only get the best education for any of our children. Jessalyn is a special education teacher and understands each child’s differences and their potential. If you chose us as your adoptive parents we would only give your child the best educational opportunities. We also have field trips and run a home school community group. We often find our selves on adventures and taking family trips regularly. We value our time together and spend lots of it as a family always looking for another adventure. We enjoy cooking good soul food, having friends over for dinner, and just enjoying a fun and balanced life. We have an amazing network of friends and family who are a constant in our lives. We also have a house full of dogs, three to be exact who we foster and/or adopt when they need a home. Your child will have an amazing big brother. Liam has been asking for a sibling for months now. He is gentle and loves taking care of children who are younger than he is. He will be a great protector. 

About Rene…..

Rene grew up in South Texas. When He was a child his mother would cook in the traditional Mexican style and Rene and his sisters would invite of their friends over to eat. Rene grew up on the same street and was often outside playing with his friend Lee. As he grew up he maintained these relationships with his childhood friends and still has them in his life today. Rene attended college for a couple of years before taking a job at CPS energy. Rene enjoys playing paint ball and hanging out with friend and family. He loves hunting with his friend Alex and to spend time playing with our son Liam and is often found on the floor with Liam playing with Lego’s. We spend a lot of time on adventures as a family discovering new things to do, and in our house there’s never a dole moment.

About Jessalyn……..

Jessalyn was born in East Texas and has lived from one end of Texas to the other, though she claims east Texas as her home. When Jessalyn was young her grandmother was a very large part of her life and made a very big impression on Jessalyn’s life. Though her grandmother has passed away Jessalyn still carries on the family traditions of cooking southern style soul food from the heart. She was a very active child and no matter what they said about her, Jessalyn never allowed anyone to limit her and overcame many obstacles. After graduating from High School, Jessalyn attended college at the University Of Texas at San Antonio. She received her degree in Education with a certification in Special Education. Then she continued on to get a Masters of Education. Jessalyn specializes in working with at risk youth, and has a special place in her heart for children in the foster care system. When Jessalyn is at full physical strength she loves to skate, bike, unicycle, jump on the trampoline with Liam. She often takes Liam on field trips and new adventures. No matter what level of strength Jessalyn has for the day she is always moving and never lets her neuropathy get in her way of being an active parent. Jessalyn is funny and loves to make children laugh and goes to any length to make sure to make the lives of the children around her fulfilled. 

About Liam……..

Liam is a wonderful little boy. He was born three months prematurely and was a very little baby. Liam is a fighter and a survivor. He is four years old and working on Kindergarten at this time. Liam is able to read at a Kinder level and is working on addition, subtraction, and he can point out and name 13 states on the map. There is never a dole moment in this little guy’s life. Liam is in gymnastics and played soccer in the fall. He loves playing with his dogs and his home school friends. Liam has two cousins that live in Belgium. They come to visit once a year and we like to take them around and show them all of the cool sites that our city has to offer. Liam has been asking for a sister and a brother for around 6 months now. Every time he is around other babies he wants to hold them and help take care of them. We know he will be a wonderful big brother to the child that the Lord brings into our lives.

We live our lives in an open, honest and loving way and we look forward to an open relationship with you and your family. All that we have learned about open adoption completely encourages us to have a strong relationship with you and we know it is important to you to have a strong relationship with your child.

It feels like “thank you” isn’t nearly enough for this incredible decision you are making. Though we have not met, we are in awe of your compassion and courage. The gift of adoption is the ultimate act of profound love and selflessness. Your baby will be loved, protected, celebrated and will be surrounded by family, friends and a community who will always lift them up and love them unconditionally. We will always let them know that you are an incredible person who placed their needs above those of your own. We are wishing you the best in making this difficult decision and hope that you will consider our family for your special bundle of joy.



Jessalyn, Rene, and Liam

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