Phillip & Jennifer


We are Philip and Jennifer from West Texas. First thing, Thank You and we respect your choice to make an adoption plan. It’s hard to express how grateful we are. Your decision means so much to us, and we admire you so much.  I know you feel you may be giving away a part of yourself you may not get back. But please rest assured that your child will be hard for and in the most loving home. We will give your child loving support and a secure home.  Your child will be treated as a gift from God.

Our Story

We were married for 8 years before we adopted our son Alex. We love to travel together, listen to music together, attend church together, and go on adventures together.

We adopted our son as a newborn. It was a wonderful experience and he is such a blessing to our family. We can’t wait to adopt again!

From Philip

One thing you might like to know is that I was adopted when I was 13 days old. This is one of the four major events that I thank God for everyday. The other  events are becoming a Christian, marrying my wife Jennifer and adopting our son Alexander. I was adopted by two wonderful Christians who raised me in a loving and caring home. My adoption is one of the most wonderful things that could have happened to me.  Because my adoption was such an extremely positive aspect of my life, I knew that when Jennifer and I began to have trouble conceiving, that adoption was an answer. I truly believe it is one of the most wonderful things in life.

Also because I was adopted I think that I will know some of the things an adopted child will encounter as far as situations and questions. I know what a wonderful gift adoption is and can share that with our child.

I have been married to my wonderful wife Jennifer for over  15 years. We have a happy and stable Christian home.  We have one son Alexander (Alex) that we adopted and he is very anxious to have a sibling to play with and help “take care of.”

We enjoy activities with Alex, our friends and our family. We have a large church family that we associate with often Alex has many friends from church and school and your child would have the same. We also spend time with my mother, Jennifer’s parents and her brother.

As far as my wife she is an amazing mother to our son and would be the same to your child.  She is one of the most loving, caring and patient people I know. She is sweet everyone and has many friends.  Her true calling is motherhood.  She currently stays at home with our son and does not plan to work outside of the home.

From Jennifer

We cannot wait to add to our family. Philip is a wonderful husband and father to our son. Philip was also adopted as a newborn, just like our son. It was a wonderful experience for him, and we are striving to do the same for our family. It creates such a special bond between him and our son. Our children will always know that they are adopted, just like Philip did. They can always talk about the special way they were brought into our family. We can talk about the love we have for their birthmothers for making their decisions.

I also wanted to share with you some things from our daily lives. We are very active in our church. Our church has lots of opportunities to get involved, and we like to do as much as possible. We teach Bible classes for little kids and adults, we host game nights in our home, and attend singing classes. There are many children of all ages, and we can’t wait to share this with our new baby.

Also, we love music. We like to attend different types of concerts and like to have music playing often. We also love animals. We have a dog and a cat, and we love being around animals. We love to laugh and have fun and can’t wait to share this as a family of four. We are praying for the Lord to bless us in raising our family. We will always pray for you and thank God for bringing us together.

We would love to talk with you.  To learn more about us, please call Little Angel Adoptions at 888-281-8948.


Jennifer and Philip