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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

The decision you have made will positively impact your precious child and the loving family you choose. If that family ends up being ours, we’d count ourselves truly blessed.  We cannot emphasize enough our love for all children and our belief that there is no greater service for the future than rearing independent, caring, and godly children.

About Us

We have been married for 19 years and we have five biological sons. Our love for each other and our tribe continues to grow each and every day. We’re a military family on our seventh assignment spanning five states in 16 years. All that moving around has given our children a chance to witness much that our great country has to offer.  Being a homeschool family, this trekking enhances their education, particularly history since it’s no longer words on a page, but scenes before their eyes.

We’re probably not the typical family you might see looking to adopt because we’re bursting at the seams with boys. But even with all the great news in a growing family, we had tough times. In the spring of 2012, we were expecting our 6th child; however, at 8 weeks gestation we lost our baby. Though our “Baby Angel” can never be replaced, the feeling that someone is missing in our family has only increased our desire to adopt. We’ve still got room in our arms and our hearts for another miracle. That, and the fact that five big brother bodyguards would ensure a very protected baby sibling for life.

Your cherished little one will be raised in a home where God comes first. Our faith is the foundation of our lives and the sole reason for our strong family bonds. While your child will be raised with the knowledge that they’re adopted, they will be treated no differently nor loved any less than our biological sons. We don’t want to give the false impression that we’re perfect, because we’re not. We simply want to give any child placed in our care the best upbringing humanly possible.

As you have and continue to face challenging decisions, we’re deeply grateful that you have chosen life. The well-being of you and your child are in our constant prayers. We’re confident that whether you choose us or another family you’re doing what you believe best for your child, which is exactly what all children deserve.

If you would like to learn more about our family please call Little Angel Adoptions at (888) 281-8948.

In Christian Love,

Paul and Melissa

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