Dearest Birth Parent,

It is with a heavy heart that I write you this letter. Heavy with gratitude and admiration for what you may share with me.

I am a single woman raised by a single mother. I have an older brother for whom I exercise full-fledged hero-worship. My darling little mom was not a single mother by choice,  but by circumstances when my father unexpectedly passed away when I was three,  my brother was five. It was difficult to say the least,  but Mom picked herself up and off the three of us went on our new and frightening adventure together as a family of three. We struggled, we fought,  we cried,  but most important,  we loved, we laughed,  we survived…. we made it! Mom showed us what true grit was; we absorbed it and pushed our way forward against the odds to become the people we are today.

We believe that the world owes us nothing as there are those who have faced far more challenging obstacles, but the challenges we faced have helped shape our outlook on life today: be grateful for what we have; work hard for what we want; give to others as often as we can.

I have always known I have wanted to be a mother and have prayed it would happen at the right time…and that time is now. I do this now because of the career, financial outlook and support systems I have in place to ensure the utmost care, love and, the ultimate gift,  time, will be showered upon a child. With these things in place, your child will be loved, nurtured, made to laugh uncontrollably and, in addition to my family, be loved by some of the most amazing and loving people on the planet…friends by definition, family in my heart.

When I called Mom to let her know I had made the decision to adopt, her first thoughts were about the walks she would take and the talks she would have with her grandbaby. Yes, I am biased, but I will say it…there is no mother more loving than my own…and there will be no grandmother more dedicated than Mom.

As for my brother: picture the gentlest, most brilliant, funniest, most protective and most handsome gentleman you can…THAT is my big brother. This is who he was when we were children, who he is today and who will always be. We take care of each other and our darling Mom; we make each other laugh, we look for one another, we respect each other and we are each other’s biggest fans.

When I shared my decision with him to adopt a baby, he threw his hand in the air and simply said: “it’s about time!” How lucky am I to have this kind of unconditional support which will be shared with your baby in spades. He will be the doting, spoiling uncle and surrogate father any child would be lucky to have.

As for me,  I have considered  motherhood something I would naturally do all my life…not because I’m entitled to it, but because I’d hoped for it since I was a young girl. With a large extended family, I’ve grown up surrounded by babies and have loved every moment with them and “knew” one day I would/need to have my own. The connection we will develop,  the life we will create and the love we will share will be life-altering for which  I will be forever grateful. We will take care of and save each other.

I can’t imagine the struggle you are facing in making this decision, so I will simply say, if you choose my family and me, please know that we will honor you, your child and your decision every day in the way we love and care for your baby.

If you are interested in learning more about my family and me, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 1.888.281.8948

With endless respect,

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