Nancy & Herman

Nancy & Herman

Dear Birth Parent


We are Herman and Nancy, and we are excited at the opportunity to share our lives and ourselves with you through this letter. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult taking this path might be for you and we can only hope that our letter might provide you with some hope and encouragement along the way. Should you decide to stay a while and get to know more about us, we hope that it will result in a life-long answer to all of our prayers.

About Us:
We have had a deep connection, ever since we met in 2004. We knew early in our relationship that we were meant for each other with so many things in common. As it turned out, we lived in the same neighborhood as children, not only once but twice. It was fate that had our paths meet at the perfect time in our lives. We have been happily married for over two years now and we are very excited about becoming parents. We are at a point in our lives where we can provide a beautiful, stable, loving and nurturing home for your child. Becoming parents together is a long time dream of ours and we can’t wait to extend our love and devotion to your child.
We love the outdoors, taking hiking trips in Yosemite or Kings Canyon, biking in Tahoe and every year we vacation in Hawaii. The world has so many beautiful sights to see and we are looking forward to sharing those special times and places with an extended family. Holidays are always a blast for us! On Halloween, we have the most decorated house on the block! It’s been a real hit with the neighborhood children. Christmas is our favorite time of year. Family and long time friends, decorations and lights, great food and even an occasional slow dance by the Christmas tree. Family is very important to us both and we enjoy visiting with each other and look forward to our times together.

Nancy on Herman
There are so many amazing things I love about Herman. He has the ability to make you laugh when you want to cry. He’s always looking at the positive side of things no matter what the situation is. He is loving, caring, understanding, optimistic and humble, all of which are qualities that I greatly admire in him. He is very outgoing and loves the outdoors just as much as I do. He is very active and full of energy. At times, I wish he would rub just a little bit of that off on me. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that he does “laundry and dishes”! How on earth did I ever get so lucky?

Herman has been a Firefighter for over 12 years and absolutely loves his job. It’s his life long dream! I’m so proud of him and the lives he has helped save. He has always been very active in the community. He has volunteered on countless occasions for so many amazing events, from the MDA Fill the Boot, to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Relay, supporting a non-profit organization dedicated to providing service to those who have been affected by a burn injury. Furthermore, every year he has been the Program Coordinator for the CCFD Toy Drive, collecting countless barrels of toys for children and families in need. I’m so very proud of who Herman is and all that he does. And just in case you were wondering, the rumors are correct, he IS a great cook!

Furthermore, Herman has a wonderful family whom I’m very close with. I come from a very small family and greatly enjoy spending time with his many family members. They have been very supportive of our decision to adopt and are excited about the new addition to our family. His mother, sisters and brother have been a positive influence with their love and dedication to family. Herman is absolutely wonderful with his niece and nephew. Every time they are here for a visit, they love stopping by the fire station to see Uncle Herman. I absolutely love how patient and understanding he is with children. My nephew Alex visits from out of state about twice a year. Both Herman and I look forward to our time with him. Even though Alex has autism, he smiles and laughs every day. It touches my heart deeply to see how Herman interacts with him in such positive ways.

Education is essential and Herman is a great example of what hard work and determination can accomplish. He currently holds an Associates degree and is working on his Bachelors degree in Fire Science between calls at work.

There are a million reasons why I love my husband so very much. Over the years, like any couple, we have had our ups and downs. But our love and dedication to one another has pulled us through it all. We are excited about our path and look forward to each and every day together with family.

Herman on Nancy
Caring, nurturing, dedication and loving are key words I use to describe my wife Nancy. She has a heart of gold and is soft spoken with a passion for family and friends. Nancy has such an angelic spirit about her. She always welcomes me with a kiss and a hug, with open arms. She loves to do stuff around the house like decorate as well as bake her amazing treats, like zucchini bread. She always bakes just a few extra loafs, so I can bring them into work and share with my co-workers. From little “thinking of you” notes tucked into my workbag, or sweet text messages sent while I’m at work, she is always doing special little gestures to show her love.

Nancy works for an Aerospace company where she assists in two different departments within her company. She works in the purchasing department, as well as in the marketing department. She takes a lot of pride in her work and is constantly being commended on her outstanding work performance. Did I mention she loves to decorate her office cubicle as well? Yes, for the holidays, Nancy and her co-worker turned their office cubicles into a winter wonderland. You must see the pictures to appreciate – truly amazing!

Nancy comes from a smaller family and is very close with her sister, who lives in Washington. Growing up, Nancy had the amazing opportunity to be brought up by her grandmother and grandfather in Oregon. Her sister and her were able to experience life as “kids” and gained, so many valuable lessons from their grandparents. Most importantly, the value of family and being surrounded by a loving and caring home. I think for this reason, she has such a good relationship with my family, especially with my mother whom adores her. My family absolutely loves spending time with her. My mom always tells me that I, “hit the jackpot” when it comes to Nancy and I couldn’t agree with her more.

Our Home
Our home is located in a quiet and friendly middle class neighborhood. We have been very blessed with great neighbors who are wonderful people. We live in a beautiful four-bedroom, two bath home with a spacious back yard. We can’t wait to start adding a new playhouse and swing set to make it complete.

We have two loveable cats, a fresh and salt-water fish tank, oh and we can’t forget about George, our Jackson Chameleon. Just as much as we love the outdoors, we love spending time at home. BBQ’s with family and close friends or just enjoying our time together watching a movie with buttered popcorn!

To You
Hopefully this letter has helped you envision the loving, nurturing home we are ready to provide. We are so excited about parenthood and are grateful for your consideration. We greatly admire your courage and selflessness in considering adoption for this child. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn more about us.

With warm regards,

Nancy & Herman