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Mike & Silvia

Would Love To Adopt A Baby

A Letter To You...

Hi, our names are Silvia and Michael. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We understand that this is an important decision for you, and we hope our profile gives you an idea of who we are and why we could be the right family for your child.

We are a loving, intellectual and enthusiastic couple living in sunny southern California. We are happily married, enjoying our lives, and desire to welcome and embrace a child into our family. As a mixed couple sharing our backgrounds from China and America, we are passionate about the unique cultural aspect each of us brings to our family, and feel lucky to have met each other to share our diverse experiences together. We have been wanting to bear a child for many years, but unfortunately have been unable to do so due to some infertility issues. As heartbroken as we felt after trying many times, we nevertheless decided to continue our journey and work toward our goal of creating a family through adoption, realizing that there are many children in the world that need love, attention, shelter and protection. We believe that there is an adorable little angel waiting somewhere, and we are ready to open our heart to welcome him/her into our home!

About Silvia

I was born in a port city in China located along the northeast coastline. After graduating from college, I came to US to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering. Once I completed my studies, I was dedicated to cancer research as a post-doctoral research fellow in a hospital that is world renowned for its ability to treat serious medical conditions. I’m currently working as a Regulatory Affairs Manager in the Medical Device industry. I am enthusiastic about my profession because it gives me the opportunity to help those in need, and it has also allowed me to travel to China for business to help the company address the safety and effectiveness concerns from China regulatory agencies regarding the medical products, and to protect public health. I visit my family and friends as often as possible and try to use my vacation time to travel to China at least once per year.

My hobbies include home decoration, soap making and culinary arts. I also like organizing events for my colleagues and friends, such as baby and bridal showers. I’m very passionate about cooking, animals, yoga and my work. Eating healthy meals, staying fit, and keeping a lovely warm home is how I like to live my life. To me, nothing is more important and meaningful than building a warm and loving family!

About Michael

I am originally from the east coast and moved to California to obtain my master’s degree in civil engineering. After working for a period of time on the design of some signature engineering projects such as the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, I returned to school to obtain a degree in business. Currently, I work for a multi-national energy company that owns and develops solar, wind, natural gas and battery energy storage projects throughout the world. My job allows me to leverage my knowledge and passion for development as well as help our country achieve a clean energy future.

My general approach to life is to live it to the fullest and believe in the inclusion of all persons. The team is stronger than the individual is a philosophy that I embrace. I have traveled to many countries and enjoy the diverse cultures that our world has to offer. My lifestyle is healthy, and during my free time I like to go to the gym regularly to stay in shape.

About Us

Our relationship is full of love and laughter. We have traveled to many places such as Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Xian, Tokyo, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, Houston, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and many national parks and beaches. We like to experience these places together and appreciate the diversity and beauty of nature where we can take photos to record our shared moments with one another. We also enjoy trying the various local foods that are available in the different cities where we travel.

Reason To Adopt

We have been wanting to have a child for many years to share our love and affection with as well as provide guidance and support during their growth from a child to an adult. After years of hard work and preparation, we are ready to begin building a family. We have close friends that live near our home and frequently visit them to do things such as barbecue and watch sporting events together such as the Superbowl. They know about our story and are very supportive of our adoption decision. We have considered the reasons to have a child and firmly believe that the purpose is to help someone grow and achieve as a person in society. With this in our minds and hearts, we want to have a child and believe that for us, adoption is the right way to go!

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