Mike & Pam

Dear Birth Mother,

We are a loving, active, family oriented couple that adores children. We are thrilled and thankful that you are reading our letter and potentially providing us the gift of loving and raising your child. We have both desired to have a large family but pregnancy complications made it impossible to further expand our family. Mike and I are excited about becoming parents again through adoption. We have a wonderfully stable home that is filled with love, fun and family. Our greatest desire is to provide your baby a nurturing environment where she can become the best she can be, and we will provide her every opportunity to make her dreams come true.
We hope you will feel confident after reading this letter that we are the right choice for your child.

I would like to thank you in advance for opening your heart to an adoptive family. We think you are amazing & courageous, and we realize the importance of the gift you are giving. We will cherish you and insure that you daughter understands the love you have for her.

Our Life Together:
We met while we were both attending college in Southern California. I was a business major and Mike was studying liberal arts to become an elementary school teacher. Our paths crossed at a college Bible study and we have been inseparable ever since. We began dating in January, were in engagement counseling in March, engaged in June, and married the following March. Years later I love this man more than the day we married. I know he feels the same by the way he loves us and provides for our family.

Mike and I both wanted a large family with 3-4 children just like the families we had growing up. We both come from warm, nurturing families where siblings were laughing, playing and sometimes arguing…just like kids do. Our parents have been married over 45 years so we both come from stable, secure, loving homes. Our parents focused on loving us, providing stability (boundaries included), education and preparing us to be adults who would positively impact our world.

Becoming parents was the most amazing and rewarding experience of our lives. Our daughter Madelyn is 13 and is a budding artist. She loves color and recently enjoyed re-decorating her own room including zebra stripe curtains and a bright teal wall. We thought it would be fun for her own artwork to hang on the walls so we bought canvas, paint, brushes and she created her own masterpieces. Madelyn is an excellent student with fantastic study habits. She is taking guitar lessons and loves to hang out with her friends…just entering the world of communication through texting. When we talked to Maddy about our wanting to adopt she literally started jumping up and down. She is thrilled! She was in charge of decorating the baby’s nursery and it turned out wonderful. Lavender walls with lots of girly flair…animal print included.

Trevor is 8 and all boy. He loves baseball (upwards of two hours a night in our backyard). I have a pretty good pitching arm these days. He is into Legos, Star-Wars, and loves to climb on the jungle gym in the back yard. He is also an excellent student. Both the kids are in a dual immersion Spanish program so they are fully bilingual. (Speaking, reading and writing fluently in Spanish) A great education provides so many advantages and Trevor wants to be a pediatrician so Spanish fluency will help him communicate with his patients and better meet their needs. Since Trevor was little he gravitated to babies in strollers, at the park….he just loves babies. He hasn’t wavered for years in his desire to “take care of babies”. Naturally, Trevor has wanted us to have a baby for years. When he was about 4 he came up to me, put his head on my tummy and said, ”Mommy, when will a baby be in here so I can be a big brother.” My heart broke. I had lost three pregnancies and the dream of a large family was eluding us. When we talked with him about adopting a baby he was speechless and that doesn’t happen very often. Thrilled is an understatement.

About Pam: (by Mike)
Pam is loving, passionate and brings our family a sense of adventure. She grew up in Georgia and Southern California. She graduated from college in Southern California. All of her jobs through college involved nurturing children. She was a camp counselor for two summers leading 5th graders in fun and learning. Her last two years she taught 3 year olds and managed a Kinder Care day care center. Working and going to school full time provided Pam great references and after graduating she started her business career. Over her career she has been blessed with the ability to either work full time or at least multiple days from home during the week. Even when she works at the office she is home by 5pm. In her role with her company Pam sets her own schedule. I take care of the home, dinner and homework so when Pam gets home from work she can focus on playing and spending quality time with the kids. In her free time she loves to play with the kids, scrapbook and do anything outdoors (hike, fly kites, baseball, bike). One of her favorite times is Friday slumber party night. Since Maddy was 3 every Friday the family pulls out the couch bed and we watch movies and eat popcorn together. It’s a time to unwind, snuggle and have fun. One of the things I love best about Pam is that she sees the best in people and loves to inspire them to live their “best” life. She does the same for our children and for me. Her time working in the day care industry was good, but early on she made a commitment to herself that our babies would be raised at home within our care. Pam climbed the corporate ladder quickly due to her leadership skills and love of people. Her income enabled me to leave my career and provided the opportunity for me to be a Full-Time Dad.

About Mike: (by Pam)
Mike is caring, patient and our family’s rock. He grew up in Southern California and lived there until we married and moved to Northern California. He had one year of college to finish when we married so he graduated in Northern California with a liberal arts degree. After we had children he gladly gave up his career to become a stay at home Dad. Mike and I just volunteered at Trevor’s Halloween party and it was so cool to see all the students come up to him and say, “Hi Mr. Brown”. He volunteers in the classroom on Tuesday mornings and the teacher loves to have a male role model in her classroom. Mike is an extremely talented comic artist and the young boys flock to have him draw them a Spider Man or other action hero. He draws all of the PTO banners for the bike rodeo, book fair etc. Mike provides the balance in our lives. He keeps our home flowing smoothly, drives the kids to dance, guitar, library, friend’s houses, youth group…he spends a lot of time in the car and connecting with our children and their world. He is there for all those important conversations that happen after school. Mike and I also volunteer with the children at church and he is the Awana’s Director for the second grade Sparks. (It’s like a Christian Boy/Girl scouts) A couple of nights a week Mike goes out at night with his guy friends or works out to re-enter the adult world and re-charge his batteries. Mike leads our family and will provide your daughter a strong yet caring Father. Someone she can depend on – every day – for the rest of her life.

Our Home:
We live in Northern California in a family friendly neighborhood. Our home is 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Six years ago we remodeled our home eliminating the formal living room and dining room and made one large family room as this is where we live and play. We have a large back yard so we spend a lot of time outdoors playing on the swing set or playing ball. We have a great deck for hanging out and playing at the sand and water table.

Our Pets:
We have a Bischon Frise dog named Bennet and a Tabby cat named Fritz. Every child should have a dog…and a dog cat (cat that acts like a dog) They carry the kid’s secrets and offer snuggles…they fully participate in Friday slumber party nights.

Our Extended Family:
Pam’s parents live 2 miles from our home and she has a brother who lives an hour south of our city. We gather at Grandma and Grandpa’s often for dinner and playing pool in their game room. Pam’s parents are thrilled we are adopting and Grandma has already knit a pink blanket we can wrap our little lady in when she arrives. Grandma and Grandpa owned their own business when Maddy and Trevor were little so they didn’t have much time during the week to come over and visit, but now they are retired and Grandma is ready to “pamper” our little one.

Pam has an older brother Jim who is an Air Force Colonel. She and Jim are very close and connect our families as often as we can.

Mike’s parents and three siblings live in Southern California and we visit them often as it is only 7 hours away. It is especially fun to travel to Grandma and Grandpa’s during Christmas time as Grandma decorates her house in bows, twinkle lights and all things holiday. Truly a winter wonderland. We always work in a trip to Disneyland when we are down visiting.

Our Faith:
Our Christian faith plays a significant role in our family life. We attend church weekly and our faith guides our family, actions and relationships. We both volunteer at church in the children’s ministry and we believe it is our role as parents to guide and grow our children’s relationship with God and lead them to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Our Promise:
We promise to provide your baby a nurturing, stable environment full of unconditional love where she can become a woman of joy who can positively impact her world. We will provide her every opportunity to make her dreams come true.

We have a wonderful photo album of our family available through Little Angels which will provide you a deeper look into our family & home life… and what we have to offer your baby.

Sincerely – Mike and Pam