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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for bestowing the gift of parenthood on some lucky family.  My husband and I have been trying to start a family for over a decade.  Through ups and downs of life, and the struggle with infertility we have grown  stronger together.  We just celebrated our 19 year wedding anniversary in August. 

Angel and I are ready to be parents.  We were honored to love and raise our foster daughter from one week of age until 13 months of age, when the court awarded full custody to her birth mother.  Thankfully we are still part of her life and look forward to the day when we get to introduce her to her baby brother or sister.

Our house has been called the “mini zoo” by our family due to the variety of pets we have.  The children will be raised around animals and learn the importance of caring for others.  The dogs, cats, birds, tortoises, frogs, chickens, and turtle have welcomed Zion and we know they would love another human to play with.

Raising our foster child has been our most sincere honor and although we hoped for a different outcome we would not trade this past year for anything.  When we finally adopt a child, we are excited to raise him or her to become an amazing individual and we will celebrate with joy.  Our family is very supportive of our adoption plans and I expect to see the grandparents often after the arrival of our new addition.

Your strength is amazing and your child will have that character trait I’m sure.  Know that your baby will be cherished and loved forever.

With heartfelt gratitude thank you for reading our letter. Michelle & Angel

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