Kimberly & Batari

Dear Birth Parent,

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, but this can be when we have a chance to do something of purpose greater than ourselves.  The decisions we face will always shape our lives and who we become.  We admire you for your courage and selflessness in your decision to find an adoptive family for your baby, as we can only imagine the difficulty of the decisions you have had to face.

We are grateful for your thoughtful consideration of our family.  We have had to make the painful decision to stop trying to conceive, but we have been blessed with the ability to adopt a beautiful child who we can welcome into our lives and love with all our hearts.

We have been loving each other and life together for many years now, and we have so much more love to give.  We have been through struggles and excitement, and together we have made each other better and stronger than either one of us can be on our own.  Family and friends are very important to us, and we are close to a strong support system of diverse individuals who we have known for many years.

We do our best to live a fun and healthy lifestyle, involving ourselves in activities such as bike-riding, swimming, snowboarding, and gardening which we plan to share with our little one.  We enjoy good food with Batari as the cook in the family, regularly preparing healthy and delicious dinners, and breakfast on the weekends.  We make a point to try new activities and foods when we travel, which is another activity we enjoy.

We have a lot of fun, but it’s not all fun and games with us.  Career and education has been one of the most important parts of our lives.  Together, we struggled through four years of pharmacy school for Kim, with Kim working hard to make the grades and get scholarships, and Batari working hard to support Kim.

Kim’s side of the family is not new to adoption.  Kim’s mother was adopted many years ago.  At the time, Kim’s grandparents had to save for ten years in order to adopt.  Kim is the proud mother to her teenage son, having always stressed the importance of education and has been a solid example, never giving up on establishing a career in health care as a pharmacist.  Kim is close to her parents and her family is quite diverse, with Caucasian, Chinese and Mexican cultures represented.  Kim speaks fluent Spanish, and takes pride in helping her Spanish-speaking pharmacy patients.  Kim’s son also speaks Spanish, and we plan to teach our little one as well.

Batari also speaks another language called Cham.  He is of Cham decent, having been born in Vietnam and arriving in the United States at the age of about five.  Most people have never heard about the Cham people as there are very few remaining in the world.  Batari works as a microbiologist where we originally met.  Outside of work, Batari is tech-savvy, enjoying movies, video games and photography.  He is looking forward to taking countless pictures together with our little one.

Together we enjoy continuing to make our house our home.  We enjoy completing home improvements projects on our house and take pride in maintaining our home. The house is three bedrooms, with the third waiting for a very special person to arrive and complete our home.  The backyard is a good size for running and playing on the lawn, and for digging in the vegetable garden.  We love our quiet neighborhood, and look forward to our little one playing basketball and riding bikes outside with the other kids.

Together we cannot be more thrilled to be taking this step forward in our lives.  We thank you for reading about our family.  If you are interested in learning more or speaking with us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 1-888-281-8948.

With Love,

Kimberly and Batari

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