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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

Although we haven’t met you yet, we’ve been praying for you and for the big decisions and difficult choices you have to make. We’re honored that you might want to get to know us, and hope to convey in this letter a taste of our home and of our selves.

We both come from big families that encouraged us to value love, learning, fun, and faith. DeAnn has five siblings and Kevin has four. Our home is a place where family and friends know they’re always welcome, and they frequently come over for good food, conversation, and music. It’s full of books, cooking utensils, and comfortable places for our guests to sit and lose a whole evening talking about…well, just about anything.

We met through friends in graduate school who thought we would be a good match. They were right! We got engaged on New Year’s Eve, about eight months after we met, and married six months later in the traditional New Orleans way—including a dancing parade led by a brass band from the church to the reception. Sometimes, you just know when things are right and good, and our relationship has felt that way from the beginning.

Family is a big part of our life. With all those siblings, we have lots of nieces and nephews—19 to be precise. Since we got married, we have started taking them on special adventures. We took one nephew who had gotten a telescope and loved the stars to Big Bend National Park to camp out and see one of the most star-filled skies on earth. A niece who loves softball got real bases for her birthday and a camping trip in an RV. Another nephew got to go to a kids cooking class. Our son Thomas has started his adventures early, going to the Grand Canyon, Dallas, Houston, Boston, a national park in Maine, and New Orleans. Now he’s ready for the biggest adventure of all: being a big brother. We love to see the world unfold before the eyes of children, and we can’t wait to welcome another child into our home.

A little more about each of us…

DeAnn (written by Kevin):

DeAnn is a remarkable woman, and I admire my wife very much. She has a Ph.D. in English literature and taught high school for 12 years. She wins teaching awards wherever she goes. She loves reading, and also long hikes and time outdoors. So great is her love for me that she’s even learning to like bicycling. DeAnn has a big range of skills: she’s an expert on 19th century literature and theology, she can bake, sew, and she’s handy at fixing things around the house.

DeAnn has deep relationships with friends; she knows what’s going on in their lives and we pray for them regularly. She is beloved by them, and especially by their kids. Friends and family regularly trust DeAnn with the spiritual education of their children—she has 10 godchildren. She’s also a great mama.

Kevin (written by DeAnn)

I didn’t meet Kevin until I was thirty-seven years old and had pretty much given up all hope of ever getting married. Believe me, he was well worth the wait. Kevin is one of the most thoughtful, even-keeled, and original people I have ever known. He’s constantly thinking up small ways to show me that he cares for me, whether it’s making my coffee in the morning, surprising me with a movie and dinner date to celebrate the day that we met, or planning a hiking expedition followed by a brewery tour.

Kevin earned his Ph.D. in Government, but he has something insightful to say no matter what the topic. He’s just as comfortable talking sports with his father as he is discussing politics with elected officials. Showing respect to both his parents and mine is very important to Kevin. He’s often the one who thinks of special treats my friends and family members might like. On multiple occasions, he’s volunteered to watch his friends’ or family members’ kids so that the parents could have a night out. Recently, he knew that my sister-in-law was having a rough week, so he offered to keep her kids while she headed up to church. I have a great deal of respect for Kevin. He’s a kind and wise father…just like his dad.

Both of us, DeAnn and Kevin, long as a couple to be a family with children. If you are the one who might bless our home with a baby, we hope what you learn about us offers reassurance and anticipation. Ours is a home full of love and warmth, food and fun, learning and adventure.

If you are interested in getting more information about us or speaking with us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions (1-888-281-8948).

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