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Dear Birth Mother – 

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Kenny, Lindsey and we would like to thank you for considering us to care for and love your child!

We are not new to the adoption process, as our son Carson was adopted back in late 2016. Our lives changed that day in ways we never thought possible. His birth brought so much joy and love to all members of our family that it’s tough to remember life before him.  We achieved our goal of being parents, something we always hoped for. Yet we’ve realized now how much more love we have to give and want to continue to build our family. 

With that said, we deeply understand the complexity of your decision and we respect it more than you will ever know. We know it isn’t easy and it takes true strength and selflessness to make this decision for your child. If given the opportunity to adopt your child, know that he or she will never experience a day without love and support, from both of us, a sibling, as well as our greater extended family. 

We have called Northern California, our home for almost 15 years now; and love it.  We’ve made amazing friends, we are part of a thriving community, and happy to raise our family here.  We spend our time entertaining friends at home, swimming, barbequing in the summer, and cooking meals daily to spend time as a family. We make a point to hang with neighbors, take walks to see ‘Tommy’ the neighborhood horse, and practice our bike and scooter skills with Carson regularly.  We love to garden, watch the sunset from our front patio, and hike and mountain bike in the state park near our home, all year round. On really rainy winter days we enjoy just playing trucks and games with Carson while hanging inside watching movies.

We love just spending our days together and are eager to be able to share our lives further with another child for us all to love and care for.  We live in a beautiful home and community and enjoy the simplicity of life when spending time with family and friends. 

We are excited to meet this child and want nothing more than to welcome him or her into our family with endless love and devotion.


Kenny and Lindsey

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