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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We know that your decision is driven by your love and concern for the well being of your child. We hope that by getting to know us, we might offer you some peace knowing that your child would be surrounded by endless love and support in our family.

Ken and I met in New York City in 2004 through a mutual friend. We both knew immediately that we had found something special. On our very first date we talked about what we each wanted in our future. We discovered that we each wanted to have a large families and that we had a shared desire to build a family through adoption and pregnancy.

Ken and I got married after 3 years of dating. We immediately began trying to build our family. We adopted our first child from Ethiopia in 2010.  Since that time, we knew that we wanted to adopt again. In the next 5 years we had 3 biological sons. We want you know that a child entering our home would be cherished as the baby who completed our family. This adoption has been in our minds and hearts for a long time. Many times while doing things as a family, we get the feeling that someone is missing. There is love times 4 waiting for this child! We have a loving extended family who have also been blessed by adoption. Ken’s father is adopted, and Shelby’s older brother and sister-in-law adopted twin boys in 2014. One thing that we are sure of, is that a child joining our family will feel loved beyond measure.

Ken has a successful career in finance, but this is not what defines him. What drives Ken is his family. He strives each day to be the best man, husband and father he can be. Ken is a well rounded dad, whether he’s having a catch, talking about the latest styles and fads or snuggling on the couch watching tv, he is hands on. Ken is honest, sensitive, generous, ambitious and caring.

As far back as Shelby can remember, her greatest joy has always been being with children. Shelby has a natural gift to make children feel safe, comfortable and happy. After years working as a learning specialist and sign language interpreter, Shelby founded her own educational company. Shelby’s company teaches young children to read and love learning even before they start school. Shelby’s top priority is her family. Shelby is passionate about making her home one that is warm, welcoming, safe, fun and happy.

We live in Southern California, in a beautiful beach town. Our home has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. We have several playgrounds, pools and walking trails within 3 minutes of our house. The community is safe, friendly and has top schools.

We would love to share more about ourselves with you to see if we are the right family for your child. You have our heartfelt respect for your decision to make an adoption plan for your baby. Your desire to bless another family with the greatest gift- a child to love- is admirable. We wish you peace and happiness.

With Much Love and Respect,

Ken and Shelby

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