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Dear Birth Mother,

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Lindsey and Ken and would like to thank you for considering us to care for and to love your child.

We realize this is a very important decision for you to make, one filled with a magnitude of emotions that we can’t even begin to pretend to fully comprehend. What we can assure you is, that it takes a person with the utmost inner strength and courage, and someone that truly understands the act of selflessness, to take the steps you are in choosing a path for your child. If blessed with the opportunity to adopt your child, we can assure you that your child will be genuinely loved and cared for everyday of our lives. We promise you will never have to worry or second guess your decision as we will stop at nothing to give your child everything and more than he or she could ever want or need in life.

Now you may be wondering who we are and what has brought us to the point of adoption. We meet each other ten years ago through a mutual friend on the Central Coast of California and have been together ever since. We have been married now for many years and from the beginning of our relationship we have always envisioned raising children together. We relocated to Northern California shortly after we met and have lived here since. We were both fortunate to find jobs that have afforded us great opportunities and a beautiful town in which to live; Kenny took a position as a vineyard manager and Lindsey was hired at a local High School as an English and History teacher. Lindsey continues to work at the High School to this day as a Vice Principal and Ken is still involved in the wine grape and tree nut industries all over Northern and Central California.

Since our relocation to Northern California, we have met countless numbers of friends with whom we surround ourselves. We are both very social people and we truly believe that those friendships make life extremely rich and enjoyable for us. Several of our close friends have children, whom we love and adore as if they were our own. Our immediate families, remain very close although they are several hours away. We each grew up with younger brothers and parents that coincidentally, have each been married for 38 years. Even with the geographic distance we remain extremely close with each of our families and make every effort to see them regularly as they mean so much to us. When we got married our parents warmly accepted each other’s families and have become not only in-laws but friends with each other.

My brother is married and my parents are grandparents to his daughter Alana; Lindsey’s parents eagerly await meeting their first grandchild! Needless to say, both sets of parents and our brother’s are overjoyed with the step in life we have chosen to grow our family through adopting. We can assure you, if we are chosen, your child will have no shortage of love and support from our immediate families and friends.

Outside of our time spent with friends and family, Lindsey and I love to be outside exploring with each other and truly enjoy just being a part of our surrounding community. Lindsey is a very active person, who loves playing tennis, snow skiing, hiking, running, and spending time at beach with our dog Sadie. She is very warmhearted person who truly knows how to care for others. She is outgoing, positive, and rarely gets caught without a smile on her face. She is very dedicated to her career but remains as light hearted as ever when it comes to life and her everyday attitude. She is a truly amazing person and will make an awesome mother someday.

As for Kenny he has a heart that doesn’t stop giving. When we met he had three animals, two cats, Oreo and Lucky and our sweet border collie dog Sadie. All of who we still have today. You can tell from his love of animals he truly cares for all and has a huge heart.. Kenny is extremely active and loves being outdoors and daily is either going for a run with Sadie, biking, swimming, surfing or trying out a new sport. I know he can’t wait to have a child who he can teach how to surf and swim, wakeboard, snowboard and all else! What initially brought us together was our desire to be around people and plan fun outings together. We also both love to cook and entertain and spend a good deal of time together in the kitchen just being around one another.

As for our home, we live in a wonderful neighborhood where many of our friends live within walking distance. We are surrounded by several young families with kids of all ages. We love to entertain friends especially during the summer with backyard barbeque swim parties. Although a rather hilly area, we are able to bike to most places and we have several lakes and swimming lagoons within walking distance. We also love to volunteer for local events, attend sporting events for Lindsey’s school, as well as spend time at home relaxing and planning our next adventure. Our home itself is very warm and cozy and is a perfect place for spending time with family and friends. We have spent many hours in the kitchen cooking big dinners together or bbqing out on the back deck. However, lazy movie days indoors by the fire are a close second when the weather is more on the wintery side.

Our neighborhood is situated next to a large state park that is comprised of roughly 5000 acres of open space. We do a lot of mountain biking and hiking there, however, due to our proximity to the park, our friends all seem to all converge on our home during the summer months after bike rides to relax on the deck with a cold beer, or in the pool when it’s hot.

As for our path to adoption…….we have spent several years trying to conceive naturally, but due to the results (or lack thereof) we have decided to adopt. I will admit our journey to building our family has caused an immense amount of stress on both of us over the years, however, deciding to adopt has brought us both much peace and we know it’s the right decision for us.

For Lindsey and I, the thought of giving our love and attention to a child in need is something that we have always wanted to do. However we have come to realize that we need this child just as much as they would need us. Being that Lindsey and I have never been parents, it’s tough to comprehend the change this child would bring into our lives, but whatever parenthood entails, we would welcome the challenge with open arms. What I do know is that your child would complete us, and he or she would give us the family that we have longed for. Your child would be a part of our lives in every way imaginable and be exposed to a loving, compassionate, and stable environment. I truly hope that you consider us to care for, to love, and to raise your child.

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Ken and Lindsey Noren