Justin & Heather

Justin & Heather

Dear Birth Parent

You’re no doubt exhausted having read through many letters. After all, making an adoption plan and choosing the family you want to raise your child is one of the biggest decisions of your life and there are no easy answers. As hard as it is to write this letter the harder decision is obviously yours. To begin to make this decision shows how deeply you love your child. We pray that peace would accompany you through this process. This letter is just a brief view into our family. Whether or not your decision brings you to us please do know that you and your child are loved and valued.

We have been married for 16 years and are the proud parents of three daughters. Although we have dealt with infertility and pregnancy loss we are fortunate to have experienced both adoption and pregnancy. Our oldest daughter, Samantha, came to us through adoption at just one day old. It seems like just yesterday! The three of us were excited when three years later Rachel joined our family through a successful pregnancy. Our youngest daughter, Natalie, was stillborn and awaits us in Heaven. While that was a difficult reality, to say the least, the four of us believe that we still have much love in our hearts to give and have agreed together that adoption is the best course to grow our family.

We met in high school and can now say we have been together most of our lives. We were in love then and we are even more in love today. We are best friends! Marriage is not always easy, but it is worth everything, and trials we have faced have only strengthened our relationship. We are affectionate and the girls laugh when their Mommy and Daddy kiss and hug, but they love it! They know that we love each other and that we are committed to one another and they feel safe and secure because of our display of affection towards each other and towards them. Love is important, but fun is a close second! We enjoy our time together. Sometimes we watch a baseball game, go to dinner or the movies, take a mini-vacation with the kids to our favorite cabin, or just hang out around the house. Whatever it is, with or without the girls in tow, we have fun. We make it fun! We laugh and joke and all of us fall more in love with one another.

Education is important to both of us. Not only do we have goals that we want to meet, but we also want to be examples to our children that they can do anything! Heather is a full-time student as of this fall. She is earning her second degree in nursing and would like a role in the labor and delivery unit, supporting both the mothers and babies. Justin plans to return to school this May to earn his doctor of education in ethical leadership. Justin joined the military immediately after high school and Heather did not go directly to college. We definitely took the scenic route to our first degrees, but we did it. We know our girls can do it too and we are here to cheer them on!

Justin enjoyed a successful military career in California but was honorably discharged a few years back. Nowadays he is the Lead Pastor at our church in Kentucky and naturally involved in many aspects of church life and ministry. The girls have so much fun with the friends they have made at church. Heather enjoys helping out in the nursery and with Vacation Bible School (VBS). We are both originally from the Midwest so while we do miss California it is nice to be near our family and enjoying four seasons again. Heather is mostly a stay-at-home mom in addition to being a full-time student. She contracts with health benefit fairs during the fall months. It is only part-time, but it helps fund special mini-vacations and makes for a good Christmas too. Eventually Heather plans to go to work as a nurse, but for now she enjoys being home with the girls while they are young.

Our oldest daughter, Samantha, is now 7 and in the first grade. She is such a good student and loves school. Last year, and again already this year, she won the Student of the Month Medal. She has many friends and even won a bike this past summer for bringing the most friends to VBS. She is working up her courage to ride it without training wheels. Samantha loves to play soccer and she’s good at it! Last season she scored several goals and was one of the best players on the team. In addition to soccer league this fall Samantha was specially selected to participate in an art club sponsored by her school. Samantha thrives in the outdoors and has enjoyed swimming, boating with her grandparents, and especially catching fireflies in our backyard this summer. She has a lively personality and a good heart and we are so very proud of her.

Rachel is 4 and homeschooling this year for preschool. She is learning numbers, letters, colors, shapes and writing. We participate in a co-op with other kids and moms and Rachel loves making new friends. Rachel loved gymnastics at the YMCA last spring so this fall she is in a program that offers gymnastics, swimming and other sports. Rachel has such a sweet and gentle spirit. She has fun playing with her babies and helping Mommy around the house. She also likes to swing at the park, ride her bike, and play with our two year old black Labrador, Tuff. Rachel adores her big sister and follows Samantha around when she returns home from school. She tells her big sister of all of her accomplishments and is so proud of herself. We, too, are very proud of her.

We didn’t talk much about our home. Rest assured we have plenty and we live in a safe neighborhood in a beautiful part of the country. To us though wherever we are, wherever we go, whatever we do, it is when we are together that we are home. Home is less about a house and more about where we can find comfort from all the things that life throws at us. This is what we want to share.


Justin & Heather