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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves. Our names are Jill and Adam. First of all, we would like to thank you for considering the completely selfless decision of adoption, and we have such gratitude and empathy for you as you are going through this difficult decision and journey. If you do decide that adoption is the best option for you and your child, we hope that by getting to know us, you will have the reassurance that your child will have an upbringing with a loving family.

About Us

We met in college and have now been together for 12 years, three of them in marriage. We both have stable careers and have put a lot of hard work into our education obtaining graduate degrees to get where we are today. We have also had many wonderful opportunities to travel and to live in various parts of the United States, finding a lot of joy and memories by experiencing adventures together. Although we knew from the very start together that having our own natural children was not a viable option, we feel very blessed and grateful to begin this adoption journey and know in our hearts that we would provide a wonderful home for a child and that adoption would complete our family.

About Jill

Jill is a kind, joyful, empathetic individual whom feels fulfilled by her career as a school-based occupational therapist empowering students of all walks of life to be as successful as possible in the school setting. She also enjoys hobbies outside of her career such as traveling, oil painting, and being in the beautiful outdoors. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts as well as a Masters in Occupational Therapy, where she loves to combine her love of art into her therapy sessions. She feels very prepared to take on this new chapter of inviting a child into her life with her best friend, Adam.

About Adam

Adam is a patient, warm, and loving individual that has also focused his career on working with students. He is a physical and health education teacher working on his Masters in Educational Leadership and also has enjoyed extracurricular activities such as coaching football and baseball. He enjoys the hobbies of weightlifting, snowboarding, and traveling with his adventure partner, Jill. We both feel that our experiences we gained while working with children from all backgrounds and walks of life have prepared us even more in providing a balanced, stable, and loving environment to a child.

About Our Home

Our home is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of Central California. From our patio, we have a wonderful view of the surrounding foothills, olive trees, and a lake. We have had the opportunity to live in several Midwest and West Coast states, and we feel so blessed to be able to put down roots in this beautiful part of the country that truly feels like home. Our house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fenced backyard that often sees peaceful deer and turkeys grazing. The community we live in is safe, small, and quiet. We have access to a beautiful lake for swimming, kayaking, and boating, and a park with playground equipment and forested walking and biking trails to enjoy the great outdoors and California sunshine. We enjoy getting outside as much as possible to enjoy fresh air and healthy exercise.

Our Family

We are both blessed to have close relationships with our families, whom live in the Midwest and Colorado. Our jobs allow us to have the summers and holidays off (yay school schedule!), so we get to spend a lot of quality time with family and friends. Jill’s parents are retired farmers in North Dakota, and her sister is a professor in Colorado. Adam’s parents are also retired and enjoy spending time on the lake in Minnesota. His sister is a social worker also in Minnesota. They are all beyond excited for our journey into adoption. Our other family member is our cat named Blackberry, whom unexpectedly showed up on our doorstep as a stray 8 years ago and now enjoys laying in the sun or lounging on a lap.

Our Adventures

We are also very grateful for the many opportunities we have had to travel on our time off, and since being married have explored parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. We truly believe that experience is the best way to learn and grow in life and experiencing other cultures and parts of the world has really broadened our horizons and given us priceless opportunities and adventures. We hope to continue to travel with our child and allow them these wonderful experiences.

Our Promise

We know that you are facing a very difficult decision and again we thank you for taking the time to get to know us to see if we would be a good fit for your child. We promise that we will provide a warm and loving home full of adventures, experiences and an environment that will provide growth and opportunity for your child. We both look forward to this wonderful new chapter in our lives! To learn more about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 1-888-281-8948.

With much love and respect,

Jill and Adam

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