Dear Birth Mother,

I am guessing we have something in common already – both of us trying to be the best mothers we can be. I would guess you are trying to figure out what that means for you and your baby – with big decisions ahead. Me trying to share in a letter how much love I have to give to a child and why I would make a great mom. I am guessing that I won’t be able to truly share all this here, in a way that will help you make the hardest and toughest decision of your life. What I can do is share a few things about me, enough that maybe you will want to reach out and connect and we can learn more about each other. It is so important to me that you are at peace with your decision, whatever it may be, and my promise is to be honest and open with you as you decide what is best for you and your baby.

My other promises to you – I promise a lifetime of unconditional love and support for this child. I promise to cherish this child and make sure they know that they are the most important everything in my life. And, I promise that they will always know they are truly blessed by having the love of two mothers.

As you have probably noticed, I am single. I am not sure if that is a positive, negative, or you aren’t sure what that means to you. To me, it just where I am in my life. I have wanted to be a mom always – playing house was my favorite game as a child (according to kids I grew up with)! And as much as my heart has been on board with actually becoming a mom for many years, I knew I needed to make some changes about where I lived and worked to be the best mom I could be. I wanted to be near my family when I became a mom, with a job where I have a lot of flexibility. It took me a few years to get it all worked out, but I am happy to say it all came together. I now live in Northern California, within five minutes of my parents and my sister and her husband, and I have a great job that has flexibility and supports working moms.

A little bit more about me… I started this journey to become a mom with adoption. Many of my cousins, and one of my closest friends are adopted and it just seemed like such a natural thing to do. I grew up and lived in the Midwest for a long time and had a career where I was able to travel a lot, even living in London for a couple of years. I loved it and am proud of that time in my life. I have also been a doggy mom to my big furry guy, Stuey, for 10 years (he loves kids)!

My parents are great role models, they are so supportive. They gave my sister and me a sense of adventure and wonder for the world. They are retired and so ready and excited to be grandparents! I am also very close to my sister. She and her husband just bought a house, and it was so important to her that we were in the same school district, so our kids could go to school together and come to her house every day after school (she doesn’t work). It is a beautiful dream that I hope can come true.

Kids have always been a big part of my life. I studied early childhood education in college and worked with children for years (eventually I studied business and work in healthcare now). I volunteer every week at a local hospital NICU, cuddling babies who need a little extra love and comfort. If there is something I really want you to know about me, it is that I love children. I love seeing the world through their eyes, sharing their love and joy, and providing support during struggles and frustrations as they figure out the world.

Thank you for considering me. If you would like more information or to connect, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at (888) 281-8948.