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Jen & Todd

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A Letter To You...

Dear Mom-to-be,

First, we would like to thank you for taking care of yourself and your baby for the most important part of his or her life.  Because you love and care about your child, you are looking for a family to continue that same love and care.  We can promise that is what we are offering you.   We will provide a safe secure home that believes in unconditional love, respect, hard work and fun.

While this is a difficult letter to write to someone we have never met, we realize it is just as difficult for you to gain insight into our lives.  We also understand it must be overwhelming searching through these letters to find the right family.  While only you can fully understand what you are experiencing, we admire your courage and sacrifice for your baby.

After trying to grow our family on our own, without success, we had a revelation about adopting a child.  No regrets.  We did not want to get to the end of our lives and wished that we would have put ourselves out there and regret not trying.  Life is too short for regrets.

We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us.  We are Jen and Todd.  We have spent many years together before marriage growing our relationship into what it is today.  We are loving, intelligent, responsible people and, unless our friends and family have been lying to us, we are not far off the mark!  We are honest, hard working and about as “real” as you can get.

We have a wonderful, cozy home that we have painted, nailed, repaired and improved all on our own.  If there is a project that we can do ourselves you can bet it will be done.  Todd owns every tool ever made and enjoys building custom items for our home.  Jen keeps him on his toes by coming up with the next project or idea.

In addition to carpentry and home improvement Todd enjoys bowling, softball, golf and fishing.  We live less than a mile from the shore of Lake Michigan which makes it easy to fish every summer morning.  He is the general manager at a popular bowling center in our area.  Working there for over 15 years he has security and knowledge about every aspect of running a successful business.

Jen works at an orthodontic office as an assistant.  For over 10 years she has been helping people create beautiful smiles!  With lots of flexibility with her job she will be able to take time off and care for our newest family member.  She also enjoys bowling (on occasion she has been known to beat Todd!), golf and sewing.

We also have a son, Crosby.  He is 11 years old and is very excited to be a “big brother”!  He spends equal time with his biological dad and us.  We all love him so much we can’t bear to be away from him for too long.  We all want the best for him so it is important that our relationship with each other reflects that to him.  He knows that he can plan on us communicating with each other in regards to school and parenting goals.

We are lucky to have fantastic parents, siblings and friends that are just as excited about another family member as we are. (The grandmothers are already buying baby items!)

Putting our excitement and thoughts into a letter that will make you choose us is difficult.  What do you say to someone to entrust their most prized possession with you?  How do you convince someone that you are the best choice?  It’s simple…you show them who you really are and hope that they can imagine that prized possession fitting in perfectly.

We hope and pray the same forces that have lead us to this point in our lives will also see to it that we find each other.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you whatever decision you make, as this is your decision and this must be right for you.

Please contact Little Angle Adoptions at 888-281-8948 to learn more about us.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Jen & Todd

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