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A Letter To You...

Dear Birthparent

We can’t wait to add to our family through adoption. We are college sweethearts and got married shortly after graduating. We always knew in our hearts that we wanted our family to grow through adoption and when we had problems conceiving, we decided to jump directly to this plan. Adopting has been one of our best decisions because it brought our daughter, Juliana, into our lives and we love nothing more than being parents. We are thankful you are considering us as adoptive parents for your baby and we can’t wait to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

Getting to Know Us…

We live in a very family friendly neighborhood in California. Our home is full of love and has plenty of space. We have a large backyard where we enjoy setting up a children’s pool and barbequing during the summer.

We live near lakes, mountains and beaches so there are lots of activities to do all year round. We enjoy spending our time traveling, hiking, fishing, going to the beach, buying fresh fruits and vegetables at the local farmers market, attending seasonal festivals and going to kid friendly attractions in the area.

About Gus…

I was born and raised in Brazil and came to the U.S. to attend graduate school in California, where I earned my PhD in animal biology and I met Nicky. I speak three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. I taught Nicky how to say charming words in Portuguese such as beijos (kisses) and te amo (I love you); I am teaching our daughter Portuguese too.

A few things that make me really happy include: being a dad and helping raise our daughter, being active outdoors, learning to cook new foods and spending time with family and friends. I cook smiley face pancakes for breakfast on weekends and I can’t wait to have another child sit at our table for our family meals.

About Nicky…

I am passionate about being a caring, loving, fun and active mom. Like my mom and grandma, I plan on being an active volunteer at school functions and being a Scout leader (Boy or Girl Scouts). I am an enthusiastic about crafts, sewing and visiting friends and family. I have enjoyed making art projects with Jules and can’t wait to add to our painting collection with another set of painted hand and footprints.

I really enjoy exploring new restaurants and trying new foods. I also like helping Gus find new recipes to cook for our family. We made homemade baby food for Jules and plan on doing this again using the baby food recipe book and baby food processor that we bought.

Jules and Daisy…

Our daughter’s name is Juliana, we usually call her by one of her many nicknames such as Jules or Ju-Ju. We adopted Jules in 2016. She truly lights up our lives with her smile and infectious laughter. We are excited to add another child our family because we think that children have special bonds with siblings and Juliana would love to play with a younger sibling.

Another important member of our family is our adorable dog, Daisy. She enjoys going for walks, camping and playing tug with stuffed animals. She is super sweet and loves to cuddle with Jules.

Faith, family and traditions…

Our family has “secret family recipes” including: Portuguese enchiladas, waffles stuffed with bacon and Brazilian carrot cake and we are looking forward to passing the “secret recipes” on.

Our family is excited to include another child in holiday traditions, such as opening up presents and stocking stuffers left by Santa, going to the pumpkin patch in October and finding Easter baskets filled with toys and a giant Brazilian chocolate egg left by the Easter Bunny.

Our promises to you…

Our family is our #1 priority and we will make sure your child has a happy childhood filled with family activities and travel. We will be supportive as the child follows their dreams.

Most importantly we promise to provide your child with a stable home and unconditional love.

If you desire to have future contact through phone calls, the internet or visits, we promise to do our very best to stay connected with you.


Gus and Nicky

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