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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

Before sharing our story with you, we want to let you know how much we appreciate you for being so generous to consider placing your child in the hands of people you don’t know, but have faith that they will do what’s best for the child.

Here is our story.

We met 11 years ago and from the first moment we met we knew that we finally met our second half.

We dated for a year and a half, then decided to get married.

Our marriage has been going strong since and as Greg likes to say, we are like Yin and Yang. We balanced each other lives. Greg is a saver and I am a spender. Greg is a down-to-earth person and I am a dreamer. Greg likes to work in the yard and I like to work inside the house.  Greg likes to watch history channel and I like to watch detective shows.   This may sound that we are very different, but we are not.  We are both good and simple people who are always ready to help and be there for other people. We both love animals and have two cats adopted from the local shelter. We both love sports and enjoy spending Sundays watching football together. We both love fine dining and cooking and are excited to try new restaurants. We both love being outdoors admiring the nature. We both love being with our family and friends. We both dreamt of becoming parents and 3 years ago we were blessed with our little Christmas Angel Angela.

In December of 2015 we got a call about a sweet baby girl born in Texas. We knew immediately this was our little angel and without hesitation flew there the following morning to meet her. It was love at first sight.  Our lives were changed forever in the most amazing way. Angela filled our lives with love and happiness and watching her grow into a beautiful and healthy little girl fills our hearts daily.

Little over a year later we were considering adopting her half-sister, but for some reason this adoption did not go through.

We thought that is it and Angela will grow as an only child.  And we were grateful for our little miracle.

But after a lot of soul searching, Greg and I decided that we would love to both be parents again. We would also love for Angela to have a sibling. We are sure  that our little girl will be the best big sister you can ask for and Greg and I will thrive to be the best parents to both of them.

We would appreciate very much if you would consider placing your child in our warm and safe home, where we would do everything we can to keep the child safe, happy, loved and to nurture all of hers/his God given potentials.

We will pray that God gives you and your family strength and wisdom to make the best decision for this child.

If you want to find more about us, please let us know and will send you any additional information you need.


Angela, Greg and Natasa

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