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Dear Birthparent,

We are Fraser and Sandy and are so grateful that you have taken the time to read a little about us and that you might be considering us to adopt your little one. We have just celebrated 11 happy years of marriage and are thankful every day that we were put into each others lives. We are best friends, partners, and have a love that grows with each passing day. We are an infertile couple, though otherwise completely healthy. We have hoped, prayed, and put forth much effort to become parents and are so excited that adoption is the path that feels right for us.

About Sandy… Sandy is best described by those who know her as funny, outgoing, bubbly, full of life, and always willing to be the one to put others first. She is the assistant director of a local Preschool and teaches Pre-Kindergarten there as well. Sandy has been working with children for 16 years in teaching capacities ranging from Pre-K teacher, computer teacher, 1st grade teacher and summer camp director. She has an innate ability to love every child that comes through her class as if they were her own. Sandy very much looks forward to being a mother and knows adoption is the path for her. She loves reading, cooking, camping, photography, fishing, making her home comfortable and welcoming, and spending time with her family. Sandy looks forward to the day she can be a stay at home mom and spend her time nurturing, guiding and loving her own little one.

About Fraser…Fraser has been labeled by those who know him as a big teddy bear. He is one of the happiest and easy people to get along with and is the first to find the good in everyone he meets. Fraser graduated the Police academy and has since been working hard as a Security Specialist for a worldwide medical information technology company in their security department. When Fraser was just 19, he chose to serve a two-year service mission for our church. He was sent to serve the people in Washington State and that is where he fell in love with service. He is the first to offer to help a friend move or help a neighbor who is in need. It isn’t rare to find him outside shoveling a neighbor’s driveway, mowing their lawn, or asking if they need help with a broken down car. He is an amazing artist and is often doodling the most amazingly beautiful pictures. He loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, and anything to do with football. Fraser longs to be a father and is loved by all his nieces, nephews and young cousins. He is their uncle “teddy bear”.

About us… We now live in a quiet and safe neighborhood outside of Kansas City, Missouri. We are close to parks, walking paths, and lakes. We love to go on evening or Sunday walks together. We have a clean and welcoming home, a home where you feel comfortable coming over and kicking your feet up to watch the Sunday football games. We often host Sunday family dinners at which our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews attend. There is nothing we look forward to more than being parents and sharing our love with a sweet child. Adoption is not something new to our families as we have many adopted nieces and nephews. We will always have love, respect and honor for the sacrifice you made in entrusting us with your little one and promise that your child will always know your unselfish role in bringing him or her into our life.

With love and hope,

Fraser and Sandy

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