Francisco & Trish

Dear Birth Mother,

Our names are Francisco and Trish and we want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you! We feel privileged to be considered as prospective parents to your child. We whole-heartedly understand the importance of your decision and we would like you to know that we do not take our decision to adopt lightly. We have discussed it with each of our families and our closest friends (one of whom is a birthmom herself in a successful open adoption) and everyone has been incredibly supportive. A baby that comes into our home will have so many people who will provide stability, care and love.

The Two of Us:

We met through and were surprised to find that we lived one freeway exit away from one another and were both attending the same university at the same time! A few years later we were married in Las Vegas… and yes, if you’re wondering if Elvis officiated, you are CORRECT! It was such a blast. We even had to find a larger chapel than originally planned because so many of our family and friends came a long way to attend, which made us feel so loved! We are truly best friends who enjoy spending our time together urban hiking, having game nights with friends, attending plays, taking our niece and nephew to amusement parks and movies, reading books while having a coffee at our favorite coffeehouse and hanging out at the beach. Trish is a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan and has passed that devotion on to Francisco, so we attend as many games as possible every season. For the past 3 years we have spent an entire Saturday at the beach with Trish’s brother, sister-in-law and our niece (age 6) and nephew (age 4). Holding our niece’s hands and hearing her giggle as a wave splashes her is a joyful moment that we always cherish. We can’t wait to share that same experience with our little one

We definitely have a joint love of travel and in the many years we’ve known each other, we have been to New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Mexico. There are so many places still on our list we would love to see and we look forward to experiencing them with our child.

Trish Dishes About Francisco:  Francisco was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. He was raised by his mother and stepfather but is still in contact with his biological father and feels fortunate to be a part of his life. He has 4 sisters who do not live close by and 1 brother who lives about two hours from us. We really love visiting his brother and nieces often since they are so close, but we don’t get to visit with his sisters as often as we would like. He has been working for a large health care firm for over 15 years and can honestly say he loves his job and coworkers. Francisco earned a BA in Sociology and really believes having an education is a powerful tool. He has come to love and become somewhat knowledgeable about sports (thanks to a little training by me!) and boasts that one day he will know all the players on the teams. Francisco really loves to read and his favorites are crime dramas. Working in the garden is something he finds very relaxing. He loves to hike, but more urban hiking than trail hiking. One of his favorite hikes we did with a great group of friends. We walked 11 miles from the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge and over to Sausalito. Our urban hikes have led us to participate in different walks benefiting cancer and the Make-a-Wish Foundation which we find soooo rewarding!

Francisco Dishes About Trish:  Trish was born in Illinois but has lived in Northern California since she was 5 years old. Her mother, father and younger brother all live within a thirty-minute drive of our home. We even have weekly family dinners to watch one of our favorite shows together, “The Amazing Race.” She currently works as the office manager for a legal research software company and in her spare time, she volunteers as a Writing Coach at a local high school, helping underprivileged students gain the skills to become better writers. It has been very rewarding for her and I think it will be useful to assist our child in making the most of their education. Trish received her Master’s Degree in English Literature and really enjoys reading anything (classics to the Harry Potter series). She loves to go out to the latest blockbuster movies that I enjoy, but has a special love for classic and independent cinema. One summer she watched every movie that has ever won Best Picture at the Academy Awards and she has continued watching all of the winners since then. Her favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. Growing up, her mom always made costumes for her and her brother – she even continues this tradition with her grandchildren and can’t wait to add another grandchild to the assembly line! One year, she dressed our whole family as The Addams Family… have you heard of them? They were a spooky television family from the 1960s and it was so much fun! Since Trish enjoys baking cookies at Christmas, we always have our niece and nephew help (who doesn’t love spoonful of cookie-dough batter!). It was so precious to see the expressions on their little faces when they realized that the batter they helped stir and scoop onto the pan was turning into cookies they could eat! That is definitely an experience we would enjoy sharing with our child.

A Special Note from Trish:  I was lucky enough to be a mom to my first-born son, Jake. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 9½. Even though he was severely disabled, I always made sure to give him the most complete life filled with love, life experience and as much regularity as possible. He was a light in my life and the lives of many others. An award is named in his honor that makes me feel I did the best job I could as a parent and if given the opportunity, I know I will be that kind of parent again.

Home Sweet Home

We live in a townhouse in a very quiet neighborhood with multiple pools that are open during the summertime. Our patio has been decorated so beautifully by Francisco with lots of plants and flowers – we spend lots of time just enjoying the warm evenings out there! Just a short walking distance away is a beautiful, fully accessible playground that we actually volunteered to help build. We’re both cat lovers and just adopted a new kitten named Trixie Fluffington. She is adorable and very much a people-loving kitten. We also have a sweet aquatic turtle that our niece named Dorothy.

Our Commitment to You

You have our commitment that we will provide a wonderful, safe, loving environment for your child. You will always have our deepest gratitude and a place in our family for choosing us. We want him/her to discover their natural talents and we will provide many opportunities for this through supportive involvement in activities and education. We will teach them how to love and appreciate others while showing respect and care at the same time. We will instill the belief that anything is possible if you strive for it and that he or she can accomplish whatever they want out of life with us standing behind them always providing support and encouragement. Most importantly, we will have unconditional love for our child.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read our letter. We’re very excited about becoming parents and would do everything in our power to give your child a bright future, filled with love and joy. If you would like to learn more about us, please contact Little Angels Adoptions at 1-888-281-8948

Warm Wishes,

Trish and Francisco

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