Eric & Chrissy

Dear Birth Mother,

Our names our Chrissy & Eric. We first and foremost want you to know that we are so delighted that you are considering adoption. You are selflessly giving someone else the chance to become parents who otherwise might not have been able to…and we commend you for that.

Eric and I have been together for 22 years. We started dating at 16 years old and dated for 11 years and then Eric proposed. We have now been happily married for 11 years. Our love story truly is a fairytale and with one missing puzzle piece…a child.

We have had an unfortunate go of it for ourselves. We have experienced 7 miscarriages throughout our time together and came to the realization that our destiny had always been adoption. Adoption has affected so many people in our lives in an extremely positive way. Both my mother & my Aunt were adopted, one of my best friends was adopted – Eric’s Aunt gave her baby up for adoption. It was all around us and we truly can see this from every angle in a positive light.

We live and work in a beautiful coastal town and we can walk to the beach from our house. Our area has some of the best schools in the state and we are within walking distance of those schools as well. Having both attended a 4 year university, education is very important to us and we are excited to share that love of learning and higher education with a little one.

Eric spends his days as a golf professional teaching all ages the game of golf. He is such a magnificent teacher and has a way with people. Everyone who meets him LOVES him. He is quite an amazing individual. Patient, kind, fun loving.

I too have found myself in a teaching role, although not in a school setting anymore (I did teach first grade for 2 years) but rather in the wine & travel business. I educate people on wine and help people plan their travels. That is one thing Eric and I are very passionate about as well. TRAVEL. We love to travel and see new places and experience new things. France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland…. we have seen quite a bit, and plan to see more.

We have one small dog and one cat. We absolutely love our “fur babies” (as we call them) and take our small dog most everywhere with us on our travels. These are currently the only “children” that we have. We call them our “four legged children”

We are so eager to grow our family and to bring in a child to share our life with. We wish you well on our journey and praise you again for this selfless act.

Big Hugs,

Chrissy & Eric

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