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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you so much for taking a few moments to read our letter; we are humbled and grateful you might want to get to know our little family. Although we haven’t met you yet, we have been praying for you and the decision you are considering for your child. We want you to know how much we respect you, and admire the courage you have to give life to this precious little one. We hope that reading about us might bring you some peace and reassurance at a time when you are thinking through adoption. If you might be the one who blesses us, THANK YOU.

About us
Drew and I met in college through mutual friends, and dated for a year and a half before getting married just after graduation in 2002. Back then he cherished me and made me feel all the butterflies of being in love…and he does so even more 16 years later.

We live in Central Texas and we love it here. Drew grew up in Texas, and I moved from Virginia after we got married. The area we live in is so conducive to raising a family and the many activities we enjoy like hiking, playing sports and exercising, tinkering on cars and motorcycles, DIY projects and crafting, gardening, binge watching our favorite shows…and eating tacos!

When we first began talking about starting our family, we instantly knew we wanted to adopt. We took a lot of time praying, researching, and trying to answer the questions of when and how. In that time we were blessed with 2 biological boys, and they have been the joy of our lives. Since they have gotten a little older now, our hope to grow our family through adoption has only gotten stronger and the boys are so eager to welcome a sibling.

We have an incredibly supportive, large, extended family scattered near and far and they are dear to us. Our vacations, holidays and weekends are usually spent making memories with all the different great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins.

A little about Drew:
Drew has been a technology consultant for the last 8 years. Early in his career he figured out a way to merge his vocational gifts and talents with his passion for caring for others. He’s had opportunities to work with state governments to coordinate services and assistance programs for low-income individuals and families in need, as well as work with organizations that seek to protect the rights of the most vulnerable. Drew is my rock. He is devoted, compassionate, brilliant, funny, an excellent leader of our family, a problem solver and a peacemaker. Watching him parent our children with all of these gifts is such a joy.

A little about Donna:
Donna has been a stay-at-home-mom for the last 8 years, a preschool teacher for the last 3 years, and she has cherished every minute of it all. She is sensitive, kind, smart, and witty. She has a love for nurturing others and it’s been such a rewarding experience for her to do so in our home and in the classroom. She loves planning fun activities for her kids, being creative with them, facilitating their play and exploration, and helping them overcome challenges with success. She is a devoted wife and my best friend. She is compassionate and sincere, and she relishes her role as mother. I know she is eagerly looking forward to becoming a full-time SAHM again.

Our Home
We live in a beautiful master-planned community nestled on the edge the hill-country. Our neighborhood is safe, family-oriented, and consistently voted one of the best places to live in our area. We have a 5-bedroom/ 3-bathroom home with a large fenced backyard with plenty of trees for climbing, and is situated on a quiet cove. There are kids in almost every house on our street ranging in age from babies to middle schoolers. Afternoons and weekends are usually spent with everyone playing together at one house or another. We are close to the neighborhood parks, hiking trails, pools, and top ranked schools.

Our Faith
The pursuit of our faith has been the cornerstone of our relationship since the beginning. Our lives revolve around our faith community and our common thread to love God and His people. Both Drew and I do our best to pass on to our children the values in the bible of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness. We pray with our children; we talk about forgiveness and offer grace; we practice loving others as we love ourselves; we share and take care of those in need. One of the things we love about our church is that there are many adoptive and foster families in the midst of their own journeys. These folks are friends like family to us, and we have been heartened to watch their children thrive and develop a deep sense of belonging within our faith family.

Our Promise
If you might be the one to bless us, You have our sincerest promise and commitment that a child coming into our family through adoption will be cherished and adored with the same amount of unconditional love we give to our biological children. This child has been prayed for and wished for, for so very long in our hearts. We have felt the absence of their presence when we are together as a family and we anticipate with excitement their arrival. You will forever be edified in our home and will always have our deepest gratitude for your beautiful choice, and for completing our family. Drew and I promise to carry on any traditions or cultural heritage that is important to you and your family, and we promise to raise your child in a loving and supportive community that will embrace him or her.

To learn more about us, please call Little Angels at 888-289-8148.

With love,
Drew & Donna

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