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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

We would first like to say, together we agree the decision you have made takes so much courage. We would also like to thank you for taking some time out to read a little about us. While reading about us we are hoping you will feel comfortable knowing your baby will be well taken care of, loved unconditionally and given unlimited possibilities.

About us:

We are Derrick and Kasey and we live in Southern California. We met through a mutual friend in 2006 while working together. We stayed in contact as friends until 2008 when we started dating. We dated for three (3) years, then we got engaged. We were engaged for three (3) years before we were married. This October 2018 will make four (4) years of marriage for us. We have both always wanted children and we agreed to start our family after we were married. We discovered we were unable to start a family with our own children due to infertility issues. After discovering this heartbreaking fact, we discussed our options and we agreed on adoption. After making this big decision we also made a decision to purchase a house and make it our home where we could start our family.

Derrick was born in Northern California and raised in southern California with his parents and older brother. Derrick works as a car mechanic for a local auto shop and has a gift of being able to fix and build just about anything he puts his mind to. Derrick enjoys working on cars, riding his Quad and taking the boat out with family and friends.

Kasey was born and raised in Southern California with her parents, older sister and older brother. Kasey works as a cashier in a college bookstore where she has worked for 27 years. She is very much an organized person at home and work. She enjoys baking and spending time with family and friends either going to a party or just hanging out visiting.

Both of our families as well as our friends are extremely supportive of our decision to adopt and can’t wait to welcome a new addition. We love that we have such a large support system.

We live in a four (4) bedroom two (2) bath house with a large backyard on the corner of a quiet cul-de-sac. It is just the two (2) of us along with our three (3) dogs (Diesel, Lucy and Ethel), our tortoise (Squirt), two (2) parakeets (Cloudie and Skye) and some fish. As you can see we have a large love for animals. Our dogs are really good and we have no worry having an infant in the home with them.

We are more than ready to become parents and bring a baby into our home to start our family. We can’t wait to shower the baby with unconditional love and support.

You are in our thoughts as you take such a courageous step in your life as this journey proceeds for all of us.
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Derrick and Kasey

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