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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mom,

Thank you for taking the time to consider allowing us to take on the awesome privilege of raising your child. There are so many things we would like to share with you, all of which would end with, “So please pick us!” Knowing that this would not be possible in a single letter, above anything, this is what we would like for you to know…

We love each other now more than we did when we married going on eleven years ago. Our faith is everything to us. We believe that it is because of our dependence on and relationship with God that we enjoy a strong, happy marriage, and have that peace that passes understanding.

Your child would grow up in a home where they would learn to love the Lord and his word, as well as how to become a strong, self sufficient, educated individual. Between the two of us, your child would learn how to grow, harvest, and preserve their own food, fish, hunt, build, and how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.We also love animals! Your child would learn how to care for and be responsible for animals, as well as have fun having them in their lives!

We can’t help but wonder if one of the million things running through your mind is whether or not adoption is “second best” in our eyes. We want you to know adoption has ALWAYS been a part of our plan, something, in fact, that we decided on before we were even married! We are so excited to officially begin this journey!

Our families and friends not only support adoption, but celebrate it. Between family and friends, there are those who have been adopted themselves, have fostered, have adopted, and are adopting. Those mentioned are some of the nearest and dearest people in the world to us, and will be a large part of your child’s life.

If you choose us, we hope it will comfort you to know that your child will grow up knowing that they are adopted, and have a built in support system of family and friends, some of whom personally understand what it’s like to be adopted. Every year we will have a “Gotcha Day” where we will celebrate their adoption. You are a part of their identity, now, and forever. Whatever you are wanting and willing to share with us about yourself we will gladly accept so that if questions ever arise, we can give the best answers possible.

Thank you for choosing life, and know that whether you pick us or another family, you and all the other birth-mom’s out there making this challenging decision are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

In Christian Love,

Deric and Amy

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