David & Melinda

Dear Birth Mother,

We are so glad you chose to take a few minutes to learn about us. While our paths to open adoption may be different , this is an amazing journey and we share a common goal of wanting to bring a happy, healthy child into the world.

We have known each other since 1994 where we met through mutual friends during college. That was years ago and we have been on quite a journey towards love and a family. David and I agreed that children were important to us on our first date. Before we were married, we discovered infertility challenges and started addressing them, but agreed that adoption was a path we both would be happy pursuing. So the day we married we were already on our path to adoption.  Our love story has grown and evolved during these years and we feel so lucky to have found each other. We love to laugh and have fun together.  We try to always be supportive, loving friends to one another.  We have a deep respect for each other as individuals and as a couple. We hope adoption will complete a chapter in our story.

Melinda through David’s Eyes

Melinda is my best friend and my soul mate.  She is a first grade teacher. She has a sparkle that just draws you to her.  When we first met I couldn’t help but want to be around her all the time.  Her humor and kindness makes everyday special.  It only takes a few minutes watching her with her first grade class to see she is wonderful with children.  Every year her kids adore her.  Whether she is playing her Ukulele, singing with them or helping them make that breaking start in reading, her kids adore her. She really is passionate about her work with kids.  One of my favorite things is when I visit her class or they Skype me at work and I get to see how much they all love her.  Melinda is kind and loving and family means a lot to her. She is going to make a wonderful mom.  I can’t wait to see her reading a first book to our little one snuggled up in bed as family.

David through Melinda’s Eyes

David is not only the love of my life, he is my best friend!  He is one of the most caring, giving, and selfless people I know. He is always willing to lend a hand, has a genuine spirit and a special knack for interacting with everyone, especially children. They love his silly ways.

David enjoys his job as a software developer is looking forward to teaching his little one how to make his first App. He also finds time to volunteer with a search and rescue team in a ski patrol. He amazes me with his generosity and kindness, not to mention his amazing skiing skills. He taught me how to ski and was patient and kind through the whole lesson. He is truly kind at heart.

He is a fun loving positive person who will make a terrific father and role model.  I can’t wait to see him in a ‘daddy’ role teaching our child how to play sports, go fishing, or help with homework!

Our Home and Community

We love how our city satisfies the two sides of our personality. We can walk to miles and miles of hiking and biking trails while having great restaurants and shops a couple blocks away. Melinda can be found meeting friends for lunch or taking a guitar class down on the avenue. Our 4 chickens give us farm fresh eggs and we just planted a large vegetable garden. Our city gives us the life we love and all the diversity and culture of any urban center.

Our neighborhood has all the charm and community of a small town and everyone is excited for the newest baby on the block. They are already offering basinets and baby closets to get us started. We value family and community and feel it is important for our child to be connected to a multitude of role models beyond our home. We feel the more love and support our children get the better off they will be.

Our Promise

We hope that through this small view into our world and our commitment to surrounding a child with love, compassion, support and a little humor along the way, you will be comforted knowing what kind of life we want to create for a child. We don’t know where this path will lead exactly, but experience has taught us that some of the best outcomes derive from taking risk and giving up some control. We think that philosophy coupled with the shared values and love we feel for each other will make a warm, safe and loving home for a child. Our child will always know how we all became a family. You will always have a special place in our lives and hearts. Thank you again for reading our letter and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to get to know us better, please call Little Angel Adoptions at (888) 281-8948.

With Love,
David and Melinda

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