David and Gina

Dear Birth Mother,

Hi, We are David and Gina and we want to tell you a little about ourselves.

We have always considered adoption and had discussions early in our relationship when we were dating. Adoption is widely recognized in Gina’s family as she has an adopted niece and also an adopted brother. Our families are excited and thrilled and Gina’s mother can’t wait to meet her grandchild.

We tried for years to have a baby and then we ended up trying fertility treatments when we did not become pregnant. The treatments did not work. We were sad at first but then we realized that another path was in store for us and that’s when we decided on adoption and we never looked back.

We want to adopt because we have plenty of love to share. We want our son to share our morals and respect. We are beyond ready to start our family with our bundle of happiness.

We want to be close to our son and let him know that we are by his side and support him in whatever decisions he makes in life. We want to teach him that he can do whatever he wants in life and succeed. We think the most important thing is that he is happy. That’s what we want most for him.

We want our child to know that he can come to us with anything that’s on his mind. We encourage free thinking and hope to instill in him trust so we can be there for any questions that he might have now, or later in life. We are ready to support him on anything he wants to do with his life. David’s father was his mentor and looks up to him still. We want that relationship with a son of our own. David played all sports in school and if he just so happens to like sports, well then hey, David will be his coach! Whatever path he chooses, we will back him all the way and he will always know that he has our support.

We are very happy in our lives and as a couple we are both pretty positive people. We want to adopt and bring another member into our lives to love and care for and make our family. This child will be born into our hearts and thought of as our own and will never be looked at any other way.

We also plan on telling him about his adoption at a very early age in a positive manner. We want him to know how special his birthparents are and for him to know that he is the greatest gift we will ever know. We also want to add that we commend you for the decision that you have made. You will never be forgotten and we will always have a respect and admiration for you every time we look into his eyes.

He has a bedroom waiting and a puppy dog to run around with☺

We are so excited to become parents and we are praying for that special moment when all of this will come true.

We would like to thank you for reading our letter to you. We thank you for considering us.

We pray that God will bless you throughout this process.

If you want to know more about us please feel free to contact us at Little Angel Adoptions (888) 281 8948.

David and Gina

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