David & Erin

Dear Birth Mother,

We’re so glad you chose to take a few minutes to learn about us. We’ll just jump right into it

That’s us doing one of our favorite things, backpacking in the mountains and having a little time to get away from it all and reconnect with each other. My name is David, I’m the bald one. I’ll start out telling you something about the two of us.

We’re a good balance to each other—Erin is a calm and tranquil person but also tough and a risk taker. That’s where the good balance part comes in since I’m more of an adventurer, always busy and full of new ideas, but sometimes in need of someone to slow me down. She encourages me to wear sun block and stretch (she’s a yoga teacher on the side). Outwardly, we both seem to have pretty boring jobs. I’m an engineer, but I do work for NASA and study fire and explosions so it’s not as bad as you might think. She’s in high tech marketing, but she’s also a yoga teacher and training to be a holistic health practitioner. We get lots of fulfillment from our jobs, but we both believe in not letting our jobs take over too much of our lives. In other words, we keep in check with what’s important – our family, friends, and our two Burmese cats – Buddy and Amelia.

We live in a 100 year-old house that was sub-divided and used as student housing for a few decades before we bought it. Erin thought I had lost my mind when I showed it to her, but I assured her that we could bring the house back to life and it would be beautiful. The first winter we had no heat and for two years she had all of her makeup in a bag under the sink because there were no bathroom cabinets. We’ve been doing most of the work ourselves and the place is incredible now. Erin swings a hammer now and then, or moves sand around as part of our ongoing landscape project, but mostly she makes sure we have fun stuff planned with our son, Mateo and there’s healthy food in the kitchen since we both love to cook and entertain our friends and their kids.

Okay, my turn… I’m Erin and I’ll provide some background why we want to adopt again and where we came from to give you a little context.

Our parents are remarkably similar—they married young, had families and are still together and close to their children. Both fathers attended college, did military service, and started careers working as managers. My dad worked in financial services and David’s dad worked in manufacturing of medical devices. My mom retired from her career as a labor and delivery nurse and David’s mom from her work in the Public School system. My parents are currently enjoying their retirement in Canada (my mom is French Canadian) and David’s parents are enjoying their retirement living in a home they have on the beach. Our siblings are also similar – I have two brothers, both married with children, one who lives very close to us and who we see a lot. David’s sister is also married with two children who we see regularly. David’s nephew is in engineering school and gets the occasional project from David’s company to make a few dollars on the side and get some experience.

David and I agreed that children were very important to us on our first date. Before we were married, we discovered infertility challenges and started addressing them, but agreed that adoption was a path we both would be happy pursuing. We had a few disappointments trying to address fertility issues and both agreed that the time was right to bring some joy to the process of building a family; adoption has always been seen by us as a path to that joy.
Our son, Mateo, came into our lives this year through adoption and we want to continue to build our family. He’s a gregarious little guy – so full of smiles and giggles. We feel fortunate that we have a relationship with Mateo’s birth mother so that we can provide him some perspective about his background and his birth family.

We know the decision you’re making is probably one of the most challenging one you will experience. We hope that through this small view into our world and our commitment to surrounding a child with love, compassion, support…and a little humor along the way, you will be somewhat comforted knowing what kind of life experience we want to create for a child.

We don’t know where this path will lead exactly, but experience has taught us that some of the best outcomes derive from being open, taking risk and giving up some control. We think that philosophy coupled with the shared values and love we feel for each other will make a warm, safe and loving home for someone.

Thank you for spending a few moments with us…
David & Erin

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