David & Christina

Dear Birth Mother,

Hello. Our names are David and Christina and we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about ourselves. We want to say that we genuinely admire and respect your decision and can only imagine how difficult it must be. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and to consider us as adoptive parents.
We have chosen to adopt to start a family of our own. We have always been drawn to adoption and feel that now is the perfect time for us to add a child to our family through adoption. Family is important to us and we feel that adoption will enhance our lives in every way. We feel we could enhance a child’s life in the same way. We are very excited to be a loving and caring home and parents to a child. Our families are also excited that we will be adopting and can’t wait to meet the new member of our family.

We met ten years ago as teachers and have been together and the best of friends ever since. We have been happily married for two years. David has his degree in education and a special education and general education certificate. Christina has her degree in psychology and a certificate in general and special education too. We are currently working on our doctorates in education. We have both worked in special and general education and Christina has worked as an English as a second language teacher with students from all over the world.

We are both elementary teachers and love our profession and the time that we spend with our students. We value education greatly and see it as a path to fulfilling goals and dreams. As students ourselves, we believe that life is a continuing journey in learning. These are values we pass on to our students and that we will pass on to our child. We believe children are our future and we realize what an important role we play in their development, the achievement of their goals, their happiness, and their lives.
We strive to lead a good, honest, and happy life and would raise a child with these same values, giving them all the tools, love, and support they need to achieve their dreams.

We live in a very family-oriented neighborhood with lots of children’s parks and hiking trails. We have a very open and bright house with 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half baths and also have a nice open loft. We have 2 small dogs and 2 cats that love to run around for a bit and then spend lots of time napping. It’s actually amazing how well they all get along. We love our pets. They each have their own unique personalities and they always put a smile on our face. All of our pets were actually adopted from shelters or rescues and they are a very important part of our lives. We have a number of fish tanks also. David is a big fan of fish and is always adding more to our collection at home and in our tanks in our classrooms.

We both love animals and pets and enjoy being outdoors. One of our favorite things to do is to be on or by the ocean. We love tide pooling, whale watching, going to aquariums, or just walking along the beach. We like taking road trips to national parks and other outdoor areas, just to see the many unique and beautiful natural parts of our country. We also like taking trips to bigger cities to get a taste of the culture in the museums, shops, and sights. Spending time with family and staying in contact with family members is important to us and we love to get together with family whenever we can. When we are not outside, Christina loves to read, write, and cook, David likes to work on the computer, and we both enjoy playing board games and watching movies together. We feel very lucky to be teachers and have a number of longer breaks during the year and summers off. This gives us time to travel, spend time together, and relax. We feel a teacher’s schedule is a perfect schedule when you have children because you have the same vacations they do and the time to spend and do things together.

All of these things we love to do, we know we will be sharing with a child of our own. This will add a new dimension and meaning to all of these moments in our lives and will allow us to share the things we love with our child.

Thank you again for considering us as an adoptive family. We realize what a difficult decision you have ahead of you and want to assure you that we will provide every opportunity and all the love and support that parents can offer. Your child will be in the best of hands. We sincerely admire your courage and strength. Please contact Little Angel Adoptions at (916) 941-8120 if you are interested in speaking with us.

Our Warmest Wishes,
David and Christina