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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

It is our honor and joy to introduce ourselves to you. Our names are Dave and Allyson and we applaud you for your courage and strength to make such a serious, selfless, and responsible sacrifice. Nobody could ever comprehend what you are experiencing, but we hope we can provide you with a snap shot into our lives. Our hope is that we can help you to feel love, peace and comfort now and always.

We have been together for what feels like an eternity.  We met through a college and career Bible study group. We were friends at first, but then while attending our mutual friends’ wedding, our relationship ventured to a new level. Within eleven months, we were married. To be honest, we were inseparable throughout our friendship and dating. Truly, it has been fun and adventurous along the way.

I, Dave, would like to share with you. I give everything to show my love and devotion to my family. Professionally, I am a CPA and work as a corporation’s financial controller. During my free time, I cherish the moments I share with Allyson and our children. I enjoy golf, basketball, barbecuing, and fishing, which we do as a family.  Our family loves to travel to coastal destinations and leisure time is filled with a variety of fun activities including water activities, boating, geocaching (treasure hunting), biking, hiking, tennis, and other outdoor sports. We always enjoy trying new activities because variety is the spice of life.

Hey there, it is Allyson.  I love being a full-time mom and wife. My favorite times are shared with Dave and our children. Before the shift in my life, I was a mental health clinician and research coordinator, where I loved helping children and parents, whom I counseled.  Also, I taught Kindergarten, upper-elementary, junior and senior high school where I was head teacher. My favorite pastimes include: traveling, participating in water sports, decorating, cooking, shopping, and blogging. I am always open to try new adventures, but the biggest adventure I am excited about is being a mother again.  We have found that each one of our children brings out a new mommy or daddy. Just like we are all created uniquely and beautifully, we are all to be new and specific parents to each one of our children.

In June 2015, we received the privilege and honor to adopt our daughter, Madeleine. Maddie taught us so much about ourselves. One thing we learned was that as we prayed, waited, and did not give up hope, God was preparing us to finally unite with our children. To be real, we are doubly blessed. We have a fifteen year old biological son named Ethan. He was a miracle baby and has been an active participant in our adoption journeys. For years, we, as a family, prayed for our future children. Right now, we, as a family, are praying for this baby. Our entire family is very excited to have this beautiful baby join our not yet complete family.

You may ask, “Why does this couple want to adopt?” We long to grow our family. Before Ethan was born, we endured three years of unsuccessful fertility treatment. We were in awe when the final IVF attempt succeeded and Ethan was the result.  After he was two years old, we started to try to conceive again. With and without the help of fertility specialists, we were unable to conceive. We believe God led us to adoption, which we consider a privilege and honor. We believe that God searches the world to bring children to their families, all in His perfect timing.

Our home is in Tennessee, which is local to cities filled with universities, museums, and a vast amount of culture and history. The town where we reside is located in the midst of mountains, lakes, farms, and forests. There is so much to offer and is a great place for a child to flourish.

Education is extremely important to us. We both received undergraduate and/or graduate degrees. We see education as a way to broaden their horizons, as well as a necessary preparation for what careers they select. We also want our children to be well-rounded, in that we want them to strive towards the highest level of formal education, mixed with experiential learning. Our family travels and we try to experience as much as possible. This mixed with formal education, we believe, makes children happy and well-rounded.

We want to thank-you for taking a moment to meet us.  We hope that through this glimpse into our world, you can see that we cherish our children and family.  If you have any questions or if you would like to speak with us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions: 1.888.281.8948.

May God bless you throughout this process and always,

Dave and Allyson

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