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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Parent,

My name is Courtney. I want to thank you for taking the time to look through my book! I hope it will answer some of your questions and you will get to know me a little.

My amazing parents had 5 kids, plus me! I live on 5 acres out in the country on a little farm. My family is all very close! Once a week we do dinner coupled with swimming, games or a movie at my parent’s house. Everyone gets to catch up and talk about their week and the cousins get to play. I think having the blessing of being so closely knit with my family is the reason my biggest dream in this world is to be a mother.

I dream of the day this will come true! I have been praying, planning and preparing for this child for years now. I have so much love in my heart for a child. I know there are so many babies out there that need a mommy and I cannot wait for the day when I can say I have a daughter!

I will love and protect her, and guide and challenge her to do and be whatever she wants to be. She will be protected, loved and she already has so many people so excited to meet her! We are all excited to love on her and welcome her into the family.

A little about me; I am a certified nurses’ assistant. I do in home care so I have control over my work hours. I take care of a developmentally delayed woman and we have so much fun together. I get to take her to the zoo, movies and parks. Your little girl would be coming along on all these adventures with me so I wouldn’t have to spend any time apart from her. On my off time I love to teach kids at Sunday school and spend time with my nieces and nephews. I also enjoy going out on adventures with my sisters and friends such as paddle boarding, hiking, and really anything that’s outside!

My parents her (Granddad and Mema) are so excited to have another grandbaby to snuggle and love on, as well as my siblings. They are: Auntie Janie, Stacy, Carly, Laura, and my brother, her uncle Andrew. Her cousins Addison, Charlie, Judah, Olivia and Felix are all excited to have a new cousin to play with and constantly ask me when she will be here. We already see her as part of our family and can’t wait till she’s with us!

I pray this letter made you smile and gives you hope. I can’t imagine how many thoughts are going through your head and how you are feeling. If you would like to learn more about me please contact Little Angel Adoptions @ 1-888-281-8948. I hope to hear from you soon.


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