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Charley & Heidi

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A Letter To You...


We’re so pleased to be introducing ourselves to you. Our love story began over 20 years ago, and we have been privileged to raise two incredible, fun, magnetic, and well-rounded sons who are now grown and living on their own (though we are fortunate that they both live nearby, so we get to see them often!).

We have a fulfilled and blessed life. The only missing piece is that we both feel strongly that we are meant to raise a daughter together. We have had such a wonderful experience raising our sons together and we are tremendously proud of the men they have become. We have a lot of love to give, and are at a place in our lives where we are more emotionally mature, are blessed with financial security, and our careers are developed to the point where we have networks that can support us as we devote even more time to our immediate family. We feel impressed that we should open our hearts and lives to adoption and we have very intentionally chosen to adopt a baby girl to add to the joy and completion of our family. Our grown sons and extended family are ecstatic and so supportive of including our new member of the family.

We live in a quiet, family-friendly suburban neighborhood in Northern California, within award-winning school districts. We enjoy the mature trees and animal families (complete with the MOST precious and adorable baby beavers!) in the nature preserve and walking trails behind our house, and we look forward to taking advantage of the numerous parks within walking distance with our daughter.

We are truly best friends and genuinely enjoy spending time together – whether it’s walking our dogs, dancing together, hanging out with our sons, going to baseball games, cooking together, working out together at the gym, entertaining our friends and family, or traveling to new places and trying new experiences. What brings us the most joy is our volunteer work helping couples and families who are in crisis.

As you contemplate this important decision in your life and the life of your child, we share the following commitments with you:


Our daughter will always be loved, know she is loved, and feel loved.

YOU will be honored and welcomed in our lives.

She will always feel safe and secure.

There will be laughter and smiles every day.

She will be hugged and kissed and cuddled.

We will kiss her boo-boo’s and help her find the confidence to try again.

We will hold her when she is disappointed, when she is scared, when she tries and fails, when her heart is broken… We will wipe away her tears and help her find her “happy” again.

We will celebrate her victories – no matter how small – and urge her to relish in her accomplishments.

She will not be afraid to fail.

Her individuality will be championed and nurtured.

She will KNOW we are proud of her.

She will always have reason to be proud of her parents – ALL of us, collectively.

Bedtime stories will be a protected tradition!

She will grow up loving to read and learn.

Help with homework will always be just a few feet away.

She will have the benefit of any training that interests her: Music lessons, Dance, Karate, Chess, Gymnastics, Race Car Driving, Speech & Debate, Website Design, Sumo Wrestling 😊… If she can dream it, we will make it happen.

She will have every opportunity to pursue an education – as high a degree as she chooses to complete.

She will be included in our lives: We are big believers in raising children to know how to navigate any social situation, so our kids can join us in our activities.

She will travel all over the world with us.

There will definitely be trips to Disneyland!

She will experience (and even play if she would like) the finest golf courses with her Daddy.

She will not want for anything, but also learn gratitude for her blessings.

She will grow up with chores, responsibilities, and learn an exemplary work ethic.

Volunteering and helping those around her will be a source of joy in her life.

She will see firsthand an example of authentic love between parents and learn how to settle differences in a healthy way.

She will be healthy, and healthy living habits will be second nature to her.

There will be SHOES – some of them will be downright fabulous!

She will grow up respecting and delighting in animals. She will always have a dog to adore her and be adored by her.

She will be surrounded by a large, loving, extended family, including lots of children around her age.

There is a massive community of friends who cannot WAIT to meet her, embrace her, and be part of her life.

We will make some parenting mistakes — and she will see, hear and feel the sincerity of our humble apologies when we do mess up.

In short, we commit to you and to our daughter that she will have a rewarding, fulfilled, beautiful life.

We have never been more at peace about any decision for our family or for us personally: We are overjoyed at the prospect of being parents to the newest member of our family and we are already in love with her. We would be delighted to share our profile book with you and speak with you. If you would like to learn more about us and our family, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 1-888-281-8948.

Wishing You Every Blessing in Your Journey,

Charley & Heidi

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